The lead singer/writer of The Strokes in my opinion he is the coolest, sexiest man on this planet. He oozes sex appeal and so does his hair. He was born on August 23rd 1978. He he half Danish half Spanish. He likes saying shit and f**ck alot. If you ever see him down the street thank him for making the world a better, hotter place.Is hated on by many people who believe The Strokes suck. Dont hate, Appreciate.
Julian Casablancas is the most talented,hottest guy ever.
by Kiki Casblancas April 13, 2006
The very essence of sex, an amazing songwriter, singer and musician all in one. He is the lead singer/songwriter for rock band The Strokes, and is incredibly talented and sophisticated. He is also the most gorgeous man in rock today. He knows how to dress, he's got class and god dammit one look at those juicy lips, sultry eyes and sexy ass and you're hooked forever. He's so apathetic but he expresses so much radiant emotion by just existing. The kind of guy you would want to walk in on while he's jackin off then do dirty shit to!
Julian Casablancas belongs in my bed. His sophistication and class drive me madly insanely in love, and he is too good for the MTV/mainstream audiences. He's too classy to be famous, and still too sexy even when he looks apathetically stoned. We can get drunk and be melancholy together. I LOVE JULIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by stray April 12, 2004
He sings for the phenomenal band The Strokes with a distinctive rasping voice, a genius writer. Said to be very shy of the media. Son of John Casablancas.
Julian Casablancas has puppy-dog eyes.
by Rakkel December 06, 2003
lead singer of the strokes; commonly mistaken for a sexy beast. oh wait, that's right, it's because he is!

and you know it
by kazoomafoo June 07, 2005
Julian is the vocalist, songwriter, and frontman of the NYC band, The Strokes. He drinks, smokes, does drugs, is witty, intelligent, and very hot. His voice is low and raspy and one of the best voices in music I have ever heard. He is hardworking at what he does, and stresses on the importance of never, ever thinking you're the best, for that is your downfall. Keep up the good work, Julian.
Julian chucked the microphone stand across the set, banged into Albert and Nick, and probably broke the microphone during the "Last Night" video.
by Fev'rish March 06, 2005
1.the very talented singer for the strokessinging with a pleading, insistant, desperate voice
2.a former bartender who is lucky enough to be doing what he loves with his best friends
3.avid reader of the 12th century poet Rumi
4.the man who invented the new rock revolution
5. a true artist driven by ambition who agonizes over his writing
6.a guy with overall charm and wittiness; the attitude of the strokes
7.a guy who enjoys table tennis, comedy, and water andf shares a birthday with Rick Springfield, Shelley Long, and River Phoenix
8. a guy who covers up his insecurities with drinking heavily
9. a beautiful guy with womanly hips and a perfect nose
julian is my reason for living
by barelylegal405 January 28, 2004
Well, as everyone else put he is a part of the band The Strokes but more than just that. With intellectual lyrics, expressive features, and and instabillity in knowing himself, hes someone to look up to for no reason at all. Hes a very interesting person who noone will ever understand fully, no mater how hard they try. You`ll think youve got him, and he`ll do something that throws ya way off. see example.
In one of the latest magazine interviews which I must say are usually most horrible descrpitions and just the most horrible things Ive ever read, Julian talkes about how much he hates pringles. But when the interviewer is about to leave, he picks up a recipt that julian had taken out of his pocket, and on it from walgreens was 1 can of pringles. I rest my case.
by Nyssa December 27, 2003

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