Although it may sound pathetically corny, Julian Casablancas is the man who saved my life. After 7 years of being a herion addict I didn't care if I lived or died. I didn't care about anything other than my dope. Then I saw the video for "Someday" and suddenly I cared about something else... Julian. His voice and his eyes managed to penetrate the thick concrete wall I built up around my soul and now I've finally found a reason to get clean. So I can save up some money to go to New York to meet him in person and thank him for existing and giving me a reason to want to go on living.
I owe Julian my life and I love him.
by shelley June 09, 2004
An unrealistically handsome, so cool its painful, unbelievably sexy-haired man who is the lead singer of the genius band called The Strokes. Also has especially hot voice, and the sexiest laugh ever.
Julian Casablancas waved to me and I died.
by mary_jane January 23, 2004
Gorgeous singer of the New York-originated rock band The Strokes, born Aug. 23, 1978; often appears drunk and/or hung-over, but is strikingly good-looking nonetheless; sings in a unique low tone; he and The Strokes sport vintage rock habits.
Julian Casablancas has the most amazing voice ever.
by Strokes fan February 01, 2004
Greatest singer/songwriter of all time who I admire and will forever. Also very cute.
I wish I could meet Julian Casablancas and be around his talented aroma.
by themodernage November 14, 2003
To be simultaneously stoned and drunk while retaining a "bad boy" image with a "don't care" attitutude that attracts women, sitting on the line of arrogance but never crossing it and being very talented.
"that guys doing a Casablancas on me"
"He's kinda Casablancas-y, donchathink?"
by Purple Fairy August 27, 2004
Orgasmic. He is probably the most attractive lead singer, ever. Oh, Julian! You are the best!
His stare is enough to set any girl on fire.
by Sherman January 10, 2004
Jules is literally sex on legs. He is absolutely gorgeous with the best voice in rock. He is the lead singer of the Strokes, who are the best. Everything about him is great, his eyes, nose, voice, clothes, everything!
Wow, Julian, you are a great kisser

Oh right, 12.51 was the time we first met, ah.....
by Juliette casablancas August 05, 2004
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