Incredibly gifted Puerto-Rican looking singer and songwriter for NY band the Strokes. His dad was a creep; he's not. His eyes are quite expressive and he doesn't shy away from making out with guys for no reason. Not a scenester (see:Nick Valensi/Fab Moretti).
Julian Casablancas tugged at his collar and then slapped Nikolai on the rear.
by Maria Varela November 15, 2003
The drunken gaunt guy who sings for the band called 'The Strokes'. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, though has the appearence of a crab infeasted homeless guy.
Greasy, Gross, Pathetic; yet their music is ok.
When you walk down a street and see a Hobo/Bum sitting on the side walk, with a jean jacket and singing in a deep and low mono-toned voice; that is an example of Julian Casablancas. Or perhaps maybe that could be Julian.
by Kissmyass Withamuthafukensmile February 15, 2005
The bloated, oily, drunken lead singer from New York band the strokes. Famous for his "singing into a pillow" vocals, head-scratch-in-confusion inducing lyrics, and hysterical slang ( see sexygreat )- Julian has become a cult hero for pre-teen girls and 14 year old hipster boys around the world.
"Did you see Julian Casablancas on the cover of NME this week? He looks homogay."
by Ashley January 23, 2005
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