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undeservingly famous overpaid actress who looks like Eric in drag with no hips or rhythm.
Julia Roberts, we've seen everything you can do. Can we have a refund?
by Lisa Fix March 25, 2005
150 253
The act of putting lip stick around your ass hole. Also called the Angelina Jolie. Whore.
Wanna "Julia Roberts" me before we go out tonight, honey?
by Julia Roberts January 07, 2007
78 221

See: prima donna
God, I hate Julia Roberts.
by Zenzirouj October 21, 2003
113 266
one of those "i dont do nude scenes" actresses
if they dont nudy up whats the point?
"im too good for nude scenes"
by Hakko December 13, 2003
70 243
actress, starred in gorefest movies like Pretty Woman.
She's gorey
by Better Then you November 09, 2003
35 223