marijuana cigarette smoke
lets have a juju
roll another juju
Im jujed
by mooyio October 09, 2006
weed.mary j. pot. joint
give me some juju now!!
by alicia January 24, 2005
prefix added to nouns or adjectives to emphasize a negative/positive connotation.
negative = you jujucunt

postive = you're jujuawesome
by jujualbert July 25, 2005
A ghetto ass old black woman, one who loves to talk in jibberish.
That niggas granny is a juju.
by Jkizzle October 10, 2004
Word taken from anime called Les Bioux.
Means personal whore/concubine.
Often used as a playful/sexual term of enderment to your romantic other.
"Yeah, what can I say? Dennis is my Juju."
by Akum July 18, 2006
your mom
"i did it with your ju ju"
by ju-lia January 18, 2004

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