form of black magic or witchcraft very common in africa especially nigeria juju doctor
dan: i don't feel well
mikey: i swear someone's doing juju on you
dan: it was that juju doctor my mum went to see
by miss-rose April 15, 2008
Lubricant or sealant.
It is leaking, put some ju ju on it.
by jacknut January 17, 2012
a general term used to describe those fitting the persona of an extremely overweight black male that navigates through the cracks in the law. a very shady character, usually brings a small indian companion as back up.

loves stealing, weed, and stealing weed.
omg those jujus over there are for sure up to no good

by nick currier December 06, 2012
A party (or gathering) of the cool kids. Secret handshake (moon block), diary and photos. A secret society that everyone wants to be a part of.
You: I'm heading out for juju tonight.

Them: Can I come?

You: nope
by juju7 January 02, 2011
a guy with glasses which thinks he's hard but shaves his eyebrows
by Killa Mike93 April 23, 2010
"Get your hands off your Juju!
by LilLanHoopster March 01, 2010
the act of sticking your hand up somebody's shirt sleeve (preferably) or sweatshirt sleeve. It can be quite difficult to juju a person with a tight,long sleeved shirt.
UPDATE: there are many forms of juju, some of which being "le juju" pronounced shoo-shoo, the infamous "zoey 101" juju and who can forget the wuju, a wanna-be juju done by a rookie.
person 1: ._.

person 2: *JUJU*

person 1: 0_0 woaaah!!
by Don't use your real name. March 18, 2009

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