a nice big juicy ass
yo she got a juicy fruit!
by Anonymous September 24, 2003
Another form of Tea Bagging, But in a Juicy way.
Juicy Fruit:( Sweaty balls in the FACE, Direa in the FACE and Fart in someones FACE )
by Dro n da WIND April 20, 2009
a gay person with a jerrycurl.
this is because their hair drips
and they are fruity.
Hey yo I don't like you looking at me like that juicyfruit mathafuker
by 84boy November 13, 2004
Juicy Fruit is a type of gum made by...Wrigley, I think. Also, Juciy Fruit can mean a gay man that looks good...to another gay man.
straight: wants some juicy fruit?
non-straight: i ain't gettin none from you! i already got my man!
by nemo April 30, 2004
if you want to become a gold fish have it quick.
that's what they showed on the commercial.
by Rob April 24, 2005
if u want to become a gold fish have it quick.
see the comercial on tv.
by Rob April 24, 2005

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