1) A "high end" clothing line, usually worn by skinny girls with no boobs. Designed for skinny (perferably blonde) rich girls.
2) The makers of the world's best sweats/hoodies.
3) The infamous "J" charm hanging from said best hoodies
1) "What? What do you mean I'm an XL Juicy Couture Hoodie?" ... "Oh, I see, just cuz' I have C boobs I'm an XL"
2) My (XL) Juicy hoody is soooo comforterble... I will never ever take it off.
3) The preppy girl twirled the "J" on her hoodie.
by Loomis's-Southern-Belle May 09, 2006
a brand that makes the UGLIEST merchandise possible. Example of a typical Juicy bag: Pepto Bismol pink velour bag with huge embroidered crap on one side, with enough bells, charms, and whistles to wake up Sleeping Beauty. End product looks tacky and gaudy, cheap-looking, but way overpriced. Juicy Couture is in no way the same level of luxury goods as other designer brands like Coach, LV, etc. Juicy Couture is more like trailer-trash couture. Skanky girls who wear Uggs love this stuff.
"I'd pay $2 for that tacky mess of a Juicy Couture bag."
by ecmsee3 May 03, 2008
Juicy couture is a heffa on myspace who needs to learn how to use photoshop.
She needs lipo and looks like she should live in a sty.
"That Juicy Couture of myspace.com is a hoe fersure" or "JUICY COUTURE, DAMN YOU FAT"
by KilledHannah! September 23, 2008
A brand of clothing invented by two ghetto girls in Pacoima, CA. Nothing special.
Oh my god i LOVE your tracksuit just becuase it's Juicy Couture. I mean it SO does not look like every other tracksuit!
by lima beans June 03, 2006
juicy couture just started becoming popular in the last one or two years, and the reason it has is because the "popular" girls saw some girl wearing it who might not be popular, but not like a geek (like me social nice and friendly but not populair) and were like o look at that girl she has a J hanging of of her hoddy and her name starts with a C thats stupid until like 4 months later when the go to nemians and they see those "stupid" hoddys with a J on them priced around 100 bucks. then they want them not because they think there cute (well they might but in this case no) but because that girl who travels alot is wearing so it must be like pretty popular so i think ill get it too. then the next thing u no every1 is wearing it and it price value decreases cause like every1 has it. and trust me rich girls dont wear juicy anymore, polo, louis v, lacoste, seven for all mankind,true religon, the REAL desingers who dont dress people like little skank hos.
ogosh, look at that girl trying to people cool and have people think she is rich who is wearing her juicy couture !!
by juicy is over rated anymore February 12, 2005

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