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An overrated brand of clothing that stupid little teenage girls consider "designer". Designer my ass.

Juicy Couture tracksuits are as fashionable as Uggs.
When was the last time you saw a Juicy Couture hoodie on a runway model?

If you consider $90.00 hoodies "designer", you might want to get a reality check.

The last time I checked, guys don't find sloppy tracksuits, bear paws, and baggy clothing "hot".
Airhead #2: We are soooo rich chickkkssss!!!!
by INeedAMEDIC July 03, 2011
an expensive brand of clothing you have to wear to fit in with the popular girls.. mostly worn in upper saddle river
i have 20 juicy zipups and lots of juicy shirts
by amb April 14, 2004
For lame high fashion wannabes who should either give up high fashion forever or start buying REAL fashion.

Short definition: What loser preteens wear.
by SoakUpTheSun July 09, 2011
a store for girls whose daddy makes alot of money and whose mom sits home all day and eats crakers and water, thats it.$300 for a stupid velour tracksuit whereas u cn get a tracksuit for $20 at Kohls:)
"Oh daddy im bored, lets go spend money at JUICY COUTURE"
by kohlsluver December 12, 2008
Basically a grown up version of Limited Too.
Look at all those girly girls with their Juicy Couture tracksuits and their matching juicy purses and sunglasses.
by xoxodollbagz July 11, 2008
juicy is life.
no words;; just love.
breathing + eating + sleeping + juicy couture = all you need
by chantal.aka.juicywhore. July 24, 2006
Juicy Couture is the fast-food house of two souless, aging prostitutes who refuse to stop using fur in the typically tacky "creations" they sell to sorority girls and spoiled adolescent sorority-girl wannabes. Juicy gets most of its fur from China, from fur farms which according to real undercover video footage torture adorable, innocent rabbits mercilessly before either vaginally or anally electrocuting them, or simply ripping their skin off while they're still alive and conscious. (Go to Furisdead.com to see for yourselves.) When you "choose Juicy," you're supporting the torture of animals, torture so heinous, disgusting, and mind-blowingly cruel that if this were done to cats or dogs in the US, everyone involved would be charged with felony. The bunnies raised for your tacky little fur-lined Juicy hoodie live miserable lives crammed into cages too small to even turn around or lie down in, where they live in their own waste, deprived of basic neccesities like clean water and medical attention. Their bones break, they become deformed by the contraints of the wire cages, they are driven mad and self-mutilate, and many of them die in their cages, where their terrified cagemates sometimes eat them in desperation. Animals used for their fur are gassed, drowned, beaten to death, genitally electrocuted, or simply skinned alive. They feel pain and fear more intense than you can likely imagine. They are treated like garbage by their handlers- the Juicy footage at Furisdead.com shows that quite well. STOP SUPPORTING THIS MOST FUCKED-UP CRUELTY- BOYCOTT JUICY AND ALL OTHER FUR MONGERS... and let them know you disapprove and won't be buying from them until they stop using ANY real fur!
Selfish Brat: "Look at this fur-lined hoodie I bought with an excess of my parents money!It's Juicy Couture!"
Selfish Brat's Far Hipper and Exceedingly Tolerant Friend: "More like Juicy Torture. Observe my much classier and sexier Stella McCartney jacket- cruelty-free."
by Toscina September 02, 2008