1. "Juicy Coutore"; brand of stylish clothing. Worn by stars like Pink, Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera just to name a few. A bit pricey but well worth it.

2.Term given to a young girl with high sex appeal, fresh skin, and a shapely figure.

3.A nickname given to Andie Dabs from Jimmy Free
1. Look at my new Juicy track jacket!
2. Hot damn!!! Shes JUICY
3. Jimmy:Hey Juicy!
Andie: Hey Jism!
by PoopHeardAroundTheWorld May 13, 2005
The single most Hottest girl in the world who should be the fantasy of every guy and i love
Amy is Juicyalicious
by Unknown February 10, 2003
A really cute baby or a kid, or just something really appealing but usually involving babies
It can also mean pretty ladies nice FACES and bodies.
Word depends on how and who you direct the terms to.
Wow! Little Kevin is sooo cute!

I just want to pinch those juicy cheeks!

Woo damn, she's so fine and juicy!
by Cosmic November 05, 2005
jew-cy... an expensive line of clothing for your typical preppy Jewish-American Princess
omfg look at that fat curly haired jew... she's wearing juicy
by alex November 12, 2004
According to a late 00's PSA from the Canadian Government, marijuana laced with cocaine. But to be honest no one used this term before this ad started showing up on TV. I still don't entirely understand the concept.
Druggie #1: Yo let's smoke this juicy.
Druggie #2: WTF is juicy?
Druggie #1: Oh, it's when you take marijuana, roll in in cocaine, stuff it inside a giant molly, soak the whole thing in booze, stuff it up a dog's butt, cremate the dog, mix the ashes in water, and drink the whole thing.
by KieranDotW May 17, 2013
Old school slang term for marijuana mixed with cocaine that was brought about in the 90's

The song Juciy by Notorious Big is said to be secretly named after the substance.
Just smoked some of that Juicy kush
by TheRealOG99 November 17, 2010
The state a person gets in after consuming the drug GHB. Rubbing of one's chest and making loud exhaling/inhaling noises is present.
Tim: Did you see Paul the other night?
Fred: Yeh I did. Fuck he was juicy.
Tim: I reckon.
by nojuiceformethanks March 01, 2010

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