Can mean many things, but most commonly used when a girl has a not particularly good looking face but a good body, so she is still fuckable.
1: "State of her"
2: "yeah but she's juicy"
#juicy #fuckable #girl #juicy girl #insult
by khalessi June 20, 2014
Pleasurable to the senses. Enjoyable in an especially gratifying, satisfying way.
I love this song - I've been listening to it over and over for the past hour. It's juicy!
by Nicole February 27, 2004
A very popular brand of blunts and rolling papers. They're usually super flavored and available at most smoke shops. Juicy Blunts & Juicy Jays
Juicy Blunts Apple Brown Betty, Juicy Jays Watermelon, Juicy Blunts Coconilla (the best blunt I ever smoked!)
#juicy jays #juicy blunts #blunts #blunt #rolling paper #rolling papers
by Willy Horn September 05, 2006
Melissa. juicy girl. jerseys finest. hot
look at Juicy. shes hot. shes from jersey. shes so juicy!
#juicy #couture #melissa #hott #girls
by khia November 22, 2007
Song on Pretty Ricky's debut albume, Bluestars. Best played whilst getting intimate with your girl.
Yeah, pimpin' got busy to that song, Juicy.
#pretty ricky #kinky #pleasure #baby blue #slick 'em #spectacular
by queen_bee August 23, 2006
Type of valour two piece excercize/gym casual clothing woren by the rich, trendy-work-out, West LA woman.
Her outfit is so juicy.
by Smokey Joe February 21, 2004
Something That makes all the rubbers slide.
JUICY Cum holla at me shoty!
by Mz Apple Bottom March 30, 2005
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