An inexpensive but overpriced brand of tacky LA clothing (velour sweatsuits, message tees and the like) bought mostly by preteen girls and white-trash middle-aged women who think they're on the cutting edge of fashion. Their sweatpants a (very comfy) guilty pleasure, worn most often as pajamas.
They call it Juicy "Couture" ironically, but it is really an offense to true couturiers such as Lagerfeld and Lacroix.
by Pseudonym December 14, 2004
1. Noun: A particularly creamy shit,

Usually one that just lays in your pants.
2. Adjective: A word used to describe something extremely good. commonly a reference to ass or titties.
Rule: the thing about juicy is its ALWAYS juicy.
1. I gone done a juicy in mah pants :(.
2. Dayummmm her titties are juicy as fuck mannn.
by reevesie February 23, 2011
Noun: a Sexy Female Booty.
Notice the Sweatpants with Juicy across the Butt, Although most woman who wear them do not have a Juicy.
1. I know you gonna like my Juicy.

2. (updated version) I like big Juicy and I cannot lie!

3. DUUDEE, I wanna tap that Juicy.
by crazykat689 January 21, 2011
A bargirl, usually Filipino, who works in Korea outside U.S miltary bases. So called because they hustle you for $20 juice drinks to get a commission. Also, derogatory slang for a Filipina in general on a military base since it's assumed that she met her husband in a juice bar.
Did you she sergeant Smith's new juicy?
by jqm May 20, 2007
Means big and round for the black people.
DAMN thats one juicy ass!
by leo beale December 28, 2004
1. Something that is cool, vibrant, and unique. It is commonly used to replace boring, overused words such as "cool" or "sweet".

2. An adjective used to describe something that is full of juice.
1. "Wow, did you see that sculpture? It was juicy!"

2. The pineapple was extremely juicy.
by Large and on a barge April 27, 2009
A business with plenty of money. Gangs use it before robbery for tell how its gonna be beneficial mostly.
Come on man,this job fucking juicy you will be new Richie Rich.
by LiteratOurist Melih December 29, 2009
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