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The act of shitting on someone after taking a dick up the ass.
Don't make me pull a Juicy J on you when you pull out bitch!
by GEOOOOFREY September 10, 2013
36 33
Co-Founder of three 6 mafia alongside with dj paul, project pat is his brother
yo mayne juicy j is crazy
by dsfvgsds July 06, 2006
389 58
Someone who can't say no to anything
You say no to drugs, Juicy J can't

You say no to ratchet pussy Juicy J can't
by Devious123 November 04, 2012
305 30
The trippiest nigga you'll ever meet. Founded Three 6 Mafia and is now launching a solo career with Taylor Gang.
Jake: Have you heard Juicy J? That nigga is trippy.
Matt: He has an Oscar.
Justin: No way.
by WeTrippyMane April 11, 2012
196 45
One of the top ten shittiest rappers in the world. Many cannot begin to fathom how he rose to stardom with the rap skills and intelligence of a potato. His lyrics blow, his flow is non-existent, and many believe him to be mildly to moderately retarded.
"hey man, isn't juicy j great?"
by jkorn November 14, 2012
111 339