hindi name for a beautiful, small, white, very fragrant flower. Such a person is extremely pretty, delicate and spreads her joyful fragrance around her.
juhi is so beautiful, i can't take my eyes off her.
by jtqk February 22, 2010
Top Definition
Sexy, smart, pretty little things.
i want that Juhi, shes cute!
by fellow Juhi September 02, 2006
1) Nice
2) Awkward
3) Caring
4) Hopeless Romantic
5) Loves Cheesy Jokes
6) Smart
7) Funny
8) Sensitive
9) Out of this world
10) A great friend
Jimmy: Hey,"What's 2 +2?"
Melanie: Uhh, I dunno. Four?!
Jimmy: Me and You.
Melanie: Oh! You're such a Juhi.
by MysteryBat12 April 26, 2011
1) person who likes computers
2) clever yet unclever person
3) someone who is very "my style" yet also rather uncool. :D
1) she really lieks computers . she's a total juhi.
2) shes really intelligent. she got full marks in teh maths test, yet she's also quite dopey. she's the perfect juhi!
3) *puts on fake cheesy over-exagerated high-pitched american accent* "oh my gawwwd, she's like, totally my style, but also kinda uncool.. oh well. :p "haha only kidding)
by domdudomdudom December 23, 2005
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