1. To be deceived or tricked.
1. I jugged stunt for $5.
by Ahmed September 05, 2002
Top Definition
To screw something up or do something utterly retarded
"Jughed got arrested for Drunk in public, and Harassment"

"Yeah he totally jugged it"
by Jour-Hadique April 29, 2005
Where a person has been stabbed in the Jugular vein - Rude boy slang, originated in Nottingham.
Weezy: Ya Here 'Bout Junior?
Tyler: Yea Man Got Jugged Innit
by SkinniT April 01, 2007
To be big-breasted
"That is one jugged girl!"
by Andro Gynecol June 16, 2004
To become drunk after drinking copious amounts of alcohol poured from a large glass jug. The actual alcohol is unimportant, the fact it was poured from a jug and you got drunk means your were "jugged".
Would you like siome more Sangria?
No, I'm completely jugged already.
by GaryWary April 30, 2009
to be very built and muscley
i met a jugged guy lifting weights.
by Mr. Gold April 25, 2007
1. To fall for a trap.
1. Poopslack was jugged when he thought I don't eat tacos.
by Ahmed September 06, 2002

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