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To screw something up or do something utterly retarded
"Jughed got arrested for Drunk in public, and Harassment"

"Yeah he totally jugged it"
by Jour-Hadique April 29, 2005
1. To be deceived or tricked.
1. I jugged stunt for $5.
by Ahmed September 05, 2002
to be very built and muscley
i met a jugged guy lifting weights.
by Mr. Gold April 25, 2007
To be big-breasted
"That is one jugged girl!"
by Andro Gynecol June 16, 2004
To become drunk after drinking copious amounts of alcohol poured from a large glass jug. The actual alcohol is unimportant, the fact it was poured from a jug and you got drunk means your were "jugged".
Would you like siome more Sangria?
No, I'm completely jugged already.
by GaryWary April 30, 2009
Where a person has been stabbed in the Jugular vein - Rude boy slang, originated in Nottingham.
Weezy: Ya Here 'Bout Junior?
Tyler: Yea Man Got Jugged Innit
by SkinniT April 01, 2007
one more word for pissed or really drunk.
yo how was last night
i was fucking jugged- dunno
by penny December 06, 2004