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When a Juggalo feels horny and there are no Juggalettes around, his Juggalo homie will give him a handjob or sometimes a blowjob. The recipient will then return the favor.

A longstanding custom amongst all Juggalos, whether they identify themselves as gay or straight.

The Juggalo Tuggalo signifies that a Juggalo is never alone. Being a Juggalo isn't about being gay. It's a lifestyle where the Dark Carnival means everything and you'll rep for your homies no matter what. So fuck the h8rz!
My wicked juggalo homie was at my house chillin and he popped a woody so I gave him the old juggalo tuggalo and then he sucked me off. MMFCL
#juggalo #gay #fag #cum #cum dumpster #faggot #violent j #shaggy 2 dope #dark carnival #faygo
by Juggalo Ninja 69 February 05, 2010
When a Juggalo is strokin the salami; wack off time for a Juggalo.
Before we left to go to the Insane Clown Posse concert, I went into the bathroom to take a piss and walked in on someone doing a Juggalo Tuggalo.
#stroke off #wack off #masturbation #juggalo #juggalo family #stroke #wack #strokin the salami #spank the monkey #tug
by PMax February 12, 2008
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