A female who is down with the Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic records, goes more than just being a fan, as they take it as a way of life and more seriously. Someone who feels the "calling" of the dark carnival when they listen to ICP and others, and who would do anything to defend their juggalo family. A common misconception is that all of these juggalettes are fat, ugly, trailer trash, sluts, etc. Not true at all for all of these females, some may fit said description, but some can be thin to average, beautiful, successful, self respecting, and smart. Some of them graduate high school and go to college. These girls are usually attracted to juggalos, or are just down homies with them. They will often use terms like "WHOOP WHOOP to let their presence be known to their other homies, and "MCL" or "MMFWCL", (Much clown love) and (Much motha fuckin wicked clown love). Most of these girls do not like it when you fuck with them and will own your ass in a fight if you say the wrong thing. If you are nice to them they are usually the chillest ppl you will know, juggalo/lette or not. They usually smoke a lot of bud but not all of them.
Sexy, Smart, But Sometimes Rare Juggalette: WHOOP WHOOP, i just got my admissions letter back to ___________ University, and now I'm starting in the fall!!!
Down Juggalo: Damn ninjette, thats hella tight.
Other Juggalette: Let's go smoke some herb.
All: Hell yea.

by Jack Jeckellette June 29, 2010
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The definition is not what any ICP loving fool thinks it is, it doesn't have anything to do with being "down with the clown" or being a retard with face paint.

The meaning of juggalette is a female who can hear and speak to ghosts. It is associated with The Magician in Tarot, who is sometimes called the Juggler. It's also known as being clairvoyant.

ICP did -not- invent or come up with the word in any way.
Because she could speak to ghosts, she was known as a juggalette.
by Josh-man August 17, 2008
A juggalette is a morbidly obese and/or borderline-retarded teenage girl who has zero friends other than fellow Clown Syndrome patients and listens to the Insane Clown Posse religiously. They come from a usually poor background (reason why they pretend to be tough) most of which becoming pregnant by the time they are 17 after drinking faygo and pretending to be drunk. They typically have worst-case-scenario acne and have an outer layer of lard around the brain that slows even the most basic cognitive ability, usually their love life does not exist beyond internet cybersex with juggalos.

Normal person: Wow, look another ICP fan.
Normal person 2: Yeah, wait thats a "juggalette".
Juggalette: iz iz down wit da clownz
Normal person: What the fuck is that stench??
Normal person 2: THATS SWAMP CROTCH.. NOOOO!.
Information from ED.COM
by bostntbagparty February 28, 2007
An American white trash female who suffers from loose virtues, dellusions of: grandure, toughness, self worth and intelligence. Common practices include: the dawning of rediculous clown makeup, having sex with any and all males who go by the title Juggalo, making online videos in which they threaten bodily harm against men they do not know with no intention of acting upon these idol fantasies. Silly and embarrasing though they may be, they are perhaps more than anything else, symbols of middle class white America's loss of identity and principle.
That Juggalette made a 15 minute video of herself smoking cigarettes and singing along to an Insane Clown Posse song. It was perhaps her life's greatest singular accomplishment.
by truth fan June 12, 2009
A female juggler, who has escaped from the circus she was performing at, and is now on the run. Usually accompanied by an elephant and escaped zoo monkey. Often named katie or emily, and always unbelievably perfect. Dont mess with this juggler because they are always equally good at flame throwing.
Guy 1: "Did you see that building just burst into flames??"
Guy 2: " Dude I did. Someone must have messed with a juggalette."
by edawg and kcat!! January 02, 2009
A girl who has no friends.. no sense of real style.. and who would probably fuck a toothless crackhead for any affection what-so-ever. Listens to ICP and other piece of shit bands from Psychopathic records.

Often defines themselves as "protective of our juggalo family, will fuck up anyone who says shit to me.. etc etc." What that really means is "I paint my face like a moron to look badass, but I look like a fucking retard and I probably couldn't throw a real punch to save my life."

Will most likely end up getting killed for mouthing off too much.
"Hi, I am a juggalette. I just fucked Hobo Harry because he said he loves me. Don't look at me, I'll fuck you up.. for serious yo."
by cptpopetastic January 20, 2006
Juggalette's are usually white, lower middle class, trashy girls who associate with the band ICP. They are pretty much all skanky as hell so they're pretty easy to score with, but none the less they are obnoxious as f*ck and just simply unpleasant to be around. In fact I really recommend not doing a juggalette, not because of all the venereal diseases, but because when you wake up the next morning your going to be like "sh*t"
"Hey man, there's those skanky juggalette chicks. I'm going to try to do her tonight."

"Nah man, I would'nt recommend that, seems like something you might regret."

"Wow, thanks for saving me from that trap, fam."
by GanjaLord420 April 25, 2009
A "female" so to speak. Usually ugly, fat, and hasn't washed themselves in ages. Hangs out with other ugly, fat bitches to give themselves some sense of belonging. Follows the group Insane Clown Posse.
"Yo! I'ze don't kare you beez talking about me and shit. Juggaloze bees together and weeze don't care what we look like. Ize a juggalette"
by fucking hoff style September 19, 2007

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