The "clever" modification to the term "Juggalo".

See where they went with that?
Instead of Jugga~LO, something anyone with self respect would take pride in, and not a totally retarded thing to be called,
(hold on. It gets more complicated, so pay attention. Because just when you think they're gonna go one way, POW!)
they say Jugga~HO.... which totally turns it into something stupid.
Like all of a sudden, you think: Hey! I just got insulted! I was going for Jugga~LO and they totally blew my mind and said Jugga~HO! Haha!...heh, It totally sounded like Juggalo until the end of the word! I was totally OWNED!

That's right,
Now, through the magic of wordplay only previously attainable by the scathing rapier-wit of a second grade playground fight, the once majestic title of Juggalo has now become the most degrading of insults, absolutely unlike the way it was before
....not stupid.

I hereby cite the case of Pot vs. Kettle in the infamous "You're black" hearings of 1604-now.
The case of puke vs. shit in the now heavily publicized "You stink" trial of 1973.
yall just a juggaho ill fuck ur moms dick and lauph while i kill u wit my hatchit held hi!!!11!

...So, does this mean that I don't get to paint my face like a twit, hang out with a group of pot smokers with a full set of teeth and odd number of toes between them, listen to two grown men dressed like fools, rhyme poorly about a magical circus of retards who judge people based on some idiotic pseudo-religion who's tenets are primarily scribed in the liner notes of a handful of CDs!?!
You know, just because some juggalos (READ: 90%) are illiterate morons doesn't mean there isn't a genius juggalo out there.
(who gets off on such brilliant lyrics like "Bitch you's a ho, and ho you's a bitch. Everybody knows that you's a funky bitch." or "You're the ugliest bitch I know, but I'd still fuck you, red neck ho." or "Great Milenko gave me three wishes, that night I fucked three fat bitches!)
by FlowersInMidgar May 15, 2007
although i am an extremely open minded person, and i say let anyone be who they wanna be, i have met some dumb ass people in my life that says they are juggalos but when we talk about it, they dont know shit; a bitch ass who claims to be down but really dont know shit about any of it
this bitch i know says that shes a juggalette because her ex boyfriend was a juggalo and she fucked him and that makes her a juggalette...i got one thing to say: bitch you dont know shit and you aint a juggalo
by BatmanJuggalette January 03, 2004
A fake, superficial fan of ICP/Psychopathic Records. A bitch-ass mark with no loyalties and no priorities.
That mutha facku Shane ain't nuttin' but a fuckin' fake-ass Juggaho!
by Aintyo Bidness August 14, 2003
a juggahoe is a fake wannabee ass juggalo who really aint no ninja. he or she act like they are down with the clown but dont know shit. might be so fake that the juggahoe probably listens to feminem.
someone who says they listen to icp and dont know who twiztid or blaze is. cant name a song or a cd.thats what a juggahoe is, a fake ass juggalo who is a biotch!juggahoes lick bull nuts for breakfast.
by ruben switzer April 20, 2006
People who call real juggalos juggahos are juggahos, and posers. If you think that ppl are juggahoes cuz they listen to Eminem that also makes u a hipocrit, cuz u yourself is a juggahoe. I know juggalos who listen to only psychopathic records, everything, only ICP, and a lot of Eminem. Use of the word 'wigger' makes u a juggaho as well because ICP talks about Anti-Racial and Anti-Prejudice matter, look up the definition of bigot. fuckin juggahoes .
Eric- you gay wigger, you'll never be a kool juggalo like me. you probably listen to feminem.

Jesse- occasionally i do listen to Eminem, Im not a wigger, and u are a complete juggaho.

fuck juggahoes.
by CannonballJ November 12, 2007
A juggaho is someone who buys some icp stuff one day then go up to a juggalo and tells him he's a juggalo,and when u think u know a real juggalo and brake the law and blames all the shit on u thats a juggaho!!!
for example: A juggalo will go to jail with u and said he did it too!!
But a Juggaho will say i didnt do nothin it was all him and let u take the blame!!
by Chris Boone September 27, 2007
Somebody who thinks that just because they have more ICP tshirts than everyone else and have heard a couple ICP songs they are down with the clown. Typically, anyone who is a self-proclaimed juggalo. If you really were a juggalo, you wouldn't go around telling everyone about it. Ninjas stick to the underground. Juggahoes are posers and wannabes, and only listen to ICP just because their friends do or so they can "fit in", not because they actually like the band or can name the Six Joker's Cards. Calling someone a "juggaho" is not based on their gender.
That bitch is such a juggaho he's wearing a Carnival of Carnage tshirt but doesn't know which Joker's card that is.
by loTuS_kiLLA August 27, 2006
Someone who cames to be down with Psychopathic Records, but does not follow the philosophies of the Dark Carnival
Someone who turns his back on his friends for a bitch

Someone who bumps Eminem back-to-back with ICP
by Sanguinarius January 14, 2004

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