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The combined term for the monotheistic faiths Judaism and Christianity. Christianity is an off-shoot of Judaism formed by followers of a man named Jesus.
Judaism is an off-shoot of the now extinct polytheistic pagan religion of the Canaanites.
Yewah (which became Jahova) was mountain deity from Canaan that seperated into its own cult which eventually denounced other gods from this religion to become Judaism.
Followers of Judo-Christianity worship one god and follow the teachings of the same phrophets (Abraham being the first). Jews ( followers of Judaism) however deny Jesus being a phrophet and the son of god. Judo-Christianity now has many off-shoots such as Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism (the 3 largest off-shoots).
Mel Brooks is a famous Jew (follower of Judaism) who made many comedy films.

Torqueamada is a famous Christian (follower of Christianity) who made many people (including Jews, agnostics, athiests and anyone else considered a Heretic) die in the name of the Roman-Catholic Church.

Both followed Judo-Christianity
by Mike December 19, 2005
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