"Judos" is another word for "cakes" or "fatty".
Referring to a girl's butt. Usually a big one.

Originated from the Tacoma, Washington rap group West Wide. myspace.com/westwide
They started it.
Damn! Do you see how big that girl's ass is? She got JUDOS!
by shawtygotcakes April 25, 2009
what bagels are made of
Karate is a martial art, Judo is a Hebrew pastry
by ezduzit July 02, 2010
Judo is a fantastic human being who enjoys long walks on the beach, poetry, and poking dead things with a stick. Judo engages in general tomfoolery on a daily basis with friends on the fields of Justice. He also flerps and derps occasionally.
Judo flerped his derp while we all watched in astonishment as he then proceeded to herp derp and shout, "Seacrest, out!"
by I Know Judo May 31, 2011
1) The proper, real definition of the word "Judo" is that it is a Japanese martial art. It is a sport adapted from jujitsu, which uses principles of not resisting, and is similar to wrestling.

2) A dumber, but also valid for this Urban Dictionary, version of the word Judo means "you don't", and is said by sterotype rednecks. It is mentionned at least once on the show "Blue Collar Comedy", and also in jokesites that have a 'redneck dictionary'.
1) Sidney loves sports, but he hasn't done any judo in a while.

2) "Judo know nothing!"
by Miss Misfit March 13, 2007
what bagels are made of
Karate is a martial art, Judo is a Hebrew pastry
by ezduzit113 July 02, 2010
A fighting technique generally found in the latino culture, Because Judo Know.
Judo Know if he's got a gun. Judo Know if he's got a knife. Judo Know if he's got bike chain or something.
by K. Barnes October 16, 2005
Short for "Jewish Guido" a phenomenon seen mostly in the New York suburbs, where jewish guys imitate Italian guys. They wear shirts open down to their navels, wear lots of gold chains and cologne, grease their hair, and listen to 80s rap with way too much bass in their honda civics (with spoiler, of course).
Oy gevalt! Rosenberg is such a judo, he wears a wifebeater and plays bocci.
by the snallygaster May 21, 2006

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