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Like Pope Mobiles only piloted by Jews, also often used to ferry Jew larvy to and from Feetball matches & SynaGooglePlex Cinemas.

Juden Wagons are in great circulation today, available to all ages illegally but usually found in Kosher Jew possession, that being 18 years of age and upwards.

Juden Wagons are powered by a resource called Jew Jew Juice found only in Moslem controlled sand pits of the world. Moslems not liking Jews very much dont like sharing this resource very much leading to lulz and warz with Jews claiming to free & liberating the Jew Jew Juice fields for the sake of their victims.

Juden Wagons come in a wide variety of powas. Ranging from Motor Kikel's rated at 50CubitsSemiteMeters all the way upto the equally useless 1000BagelHoopsPerHanukkah models.

Juden Wagons come in many variety of colours, from Metalic Silver to Shiney Gray. So as not be racist they often have rear view mirrors located on the windscreens to facilitate the hanging of novelty Jamaican flags from.

Juden Wagons are registered as the leading cause of death in the world (excluding the death toll caused by the wars for Jew Jew Juice) ranking higher in contributions than HIV and Gun related crimes.

Juden Wagons also emit a gaseous byproduct caused by the propellent Jew Jew Juice being burnt off. This is a desired reaction as it is a means of getting revenge on Ze Nazis while killing every goy on planet earth.
Simon: "Lets jump in the Juden Wagon and blaze on down to the gay and proud march this week end"

Markus: "But wont those evil nazis be there? They scare me so very much Simon"

Simon: "I know but we can always wind the soundproof windows up and put a George Michael CD on"
by Prisoner of Zog. March 08, 2011
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