An unattractive nerdy/geeky young teen, who often gets luck with girls abroad and still tries to keep a long distance relationship that never works. Also known for having a habit of getting lead on by girls but gets rejected yet doesn't give up and still tries to escape the hopeless friend-zone.
What the hell is Jude doing? He's got no shot
by Frogster fog November 09, 2013
- jude is someone who annoy himself and plays a guitar.

- a mountain of cabbages.

- a distinctly remote similarity of james mason's voice, because of a loop hole.
- "hey, its jude on the stage"

- "i harvested jude."

- "steven, your voice is jude"
by jlsc June 29, 2009
Trash talk for dude.
"Do it, man! Smoke them suckas! ... You the baddest! Five me, jude!"

Note: quote from Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinlli (Newbury Award winner)
by TTW August 25, 2006
A phonetic spelling of the phrase "jewed", sometimes used in online FPS games when someone gets cheap-shotted.

Also used when someone gets cheated out of something.
Noob: Gay. I just got jude.

Ex. 2
I got jude out of my money when I bought that fucking iPod.
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005
Racist word for a Jewish person, although it be the german word for it.
Was written on the arm bands forced to wear by the Jewish people in the Holocaust.
I was called a "jude" yesterday.
by hmm April 04, 2004

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