Judas Iscariot was one of Jesus' twelve disciples. He betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Contrary to popular belief, the bible does not say whether or not Judas sold Jesus out because he did not fit in with Judas' plans for a military uprising against Rome. There is an alternate theory, yet to be disproven that Jesus asked Judas to point him out to the Romans. Today, a Judas is one who sells out the origianal Idea.
Breakin' the law!
Breakin' the law!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 24, 2004
A person who will get their friends in trouble with teachers, parents, other friends etc. for their own personal pleasure or gain
Eric was being Judas when he blamed the water heater breaking on me.
by Richie Melps August 08, 2010
(n) the one foul-tasting Goebel lager in most twelve packs.
Oh man, I just found the Judas! -- Sir Elton John
by d-cup January 25, 2005
Someone who sold out Jesus BECAUSE Jesus told him too, and Judas felt extremly guilty about it. Jesus told Judas to sell him out because he was going to die for everyone's sins. Judas did, and since he was overwhelmed with guilt, he hung himself. Now a few people hate Jews because ONE Jew sold out their savior. ALL of Jesus' desciphles were Jewish.
Judas wasn't a betrayer.
by Starwarsgeek133 March 05, 2010
Another description for the current President of the United States.
Judas is another name for George W. Bush
by Faux Pas July 21, 2006
-Someone that acts like a bitch, or bitches out on something (origin: Superbad)
Dude you could have totally banged out with that girl, she asked you to go back to her place n u said no, you fucking judas!

That metro guy just hit you in the face and your not gonna do anything, you fucking judas!
by scubasteve469 September 23, 2008
A footballer who betrays his club for money and glory.
Alan Smith is a judas, he claimed to love Leeds then left them for Man Utd.
by waccoe June 17, 2004
Someone who sells out his homies by invariably living selfishy. Tends to knock up broke ass mexi-hoes that are shaped like a potato. Usually the loser older brother of an Italian family with "Fredo syndrome"
Damn! Sally from the Vally pulled a Judas on me again! Guess he gotta feed that chubster hoe of his again!
by dirTsamoan June 30, 2003

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