A nice group of people who have had their wonders and culture long before the Muslims had even existed. Most of them in World War Two had been exiled by Nazis. This refers to the Holocaust. We all know that the Nazis are just a bunch of Santa Claus wannabes. Some quite good news though the Jews don't have to deal with them anymore since they don't exist as a Political group any longer. Back in Ancient times the Jews were brought to a new home which all the Muslims had to do was to just give them a home. They didn't have to get crazy about it. God gave both of us the land in the first place. The Muslims are just turning the whole thing into a problem. The Romans and Ancient Egyptians as well as more currently Muslims and Nazis have been torturing these innocent people for a long time. So why do we need more hate from you jerks? You all burn. You won't win. The Holocaust is over we rest in peace. So you call us Nazis? You call us bad people? Think about how you've been bad people and you American and Muslim haters will see that you're just as bad as the Nazis and everyone else who does this to Jews. You haters can go have a rat burger and remove yourself from the Country. Tell me how it goes.
We've been through Muslim hatred

Nazi torture

Romans and Egyptians

So back off...

Because deep down inside all of you wish you were Jewish.

This is Judaism...
by b0y66 November 11, 2007
Top Definition
Pronounced Joo-Dee-Izum (as opposed to joo-day-izum), Judaism is the first monotheistic religion still around today, and possibly of all time. Unlike many other religions, Judaism doesnt want you to follow The Torah exactly, and gives room for you to live your own life. There are many different forms of Judaism, but there are 4 very big ones:

The first type of jew is orthodox. These jews follow the book very strictly, such as keeping kosher, wearing kippas and lighting shabbat candles; although they still have room to wear normal clothes and appear as normal people.

Second type: Hasidic. Hasidic jews are like orthodox jews who also wear nice clothes, a hat, and have peyes (The Curly Sideburns) usually when a jew is stereotyped in a movie this is how they appear, two famous hasidic jews are The Hebrew Hammer (fictional), and Matisyahu (a Hasidic Jew who raps in the Jamaican style).

The third type is conservative: These jews follow many jewish rules, but do not always keep kosher and wear yarmulkes (another word for kippah). I used to be conservative, but my "temple" was snobby so we found a new one.

The last type is reform: Reform jews are still jews who practice their religion (or at least I do) but have adjusted to the modern world, such as wearing normal clothes, not ALWAYS keeping kosher, and not lighting sabbath candles. I am reform, and enjoy being so because its like having a comfortable recliner.

Despite common beliefs Jews arent really greedy, but we do loves us some bagels (with shmeer)!
1) I am Jewish, so i make good bagels.
2) Hi, I am an Orthodox Jew, so i have to go light my candles now.
3) Hello, I am a Hasidic Jew, I do not mix meat and dairy and I buy food with (U) on it, or if it says Kosher for Passover.
4) Hey, I am a Conservative Jew sometimes i buy stuff that says its kosher, but i enjoy a cheeseburger every once in a while.
5) Yo, I am a Reform Jew, I dont really check to see if things are kosher, because I just eat things that taste good, although sometimes i keep kosher cause i love my religion; I, too enjoy cheeseburgers every once in a while.

6)Im sorry this definition of Judaism took so long, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and if you arent Jewish, i hope you enjoy your religion too. :)
by Incinerator1990 April 08, 2006
The monotheistic religion of the Jews, tracing its origins to Abraham who is venerated as the model for absolute faith, trust, and submission to God. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are known as the Abrahamic traditions or religions, because Abraham is the beginning point for the story of all three traditions. Its spiritual & ethical principles are embodied mostly in the Hebrew Scriptures, the Torah, and the Talmud. It is the faith of the people of Judah and it's the developed faith of the semetic people known as Hebrews or Israelites. It is recognized as the first religious tradition noted for its monotheism and deep commitment to ethical responsibility. The Hebrew tradition did not begin as monotheism. This developed over time. The theme of truth gained by experience through trial is strong in the Jewish tradition. The Jewish tradition is foundational for Christianity and Islam. Each builds on the context of its predecessors and understanding the others helps to understand each.
Fully developed Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share a common view of the human condition and how this is to be remedied. God chooses to take action to call human beings back to a proper relationship, to bring us in harmony with his will, and to restore order to Creation. In general, all three agree this is important, because there is life after death including a judgment, where all will be rewarded or punished according to their merit. Where the three traditions disagree is on the final means of remediation.

Jews believe in one God. They do not accept Jesus as the true messiah and are still waiting for their messiah.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ June 21, 2010
Hitler's worst nightmare
''judaism is a religion''
by sweet jesus May 29, 2006
Step 1: Circumcision

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Prophet!
There's some gefilte fish involvedin Judaism too.
by Dawn of the Shed January 21, 2011
the first monotheistic religion, basis of two of today's other major religions (Christianity and Islam). The Jewish holy book is the Torah, which is the basis for the Christian Old Testament. Judaism, except in its orthodox form, is probably the most accepting and loosest of the major religions of the Western Hemisphere. Sadly, its followers have been persecuted and ridiculed throughout the ages, and have always been misunderstood by the ignorant.
yes, I am a Jew. and to those of you who have said we are going to hell, remember that there is only one true judge of that, so don't be so arrogant as to put yourself in that position.
by Shwaggy November 14, 2003
A monotheistic religion that has its origins in Levantine Yahwism (the Old Testament religion). Judaism began about 200 B.C. and places emphasis on Rabbinical teaching. The supreme authority for Judaism is the Talmud, a large collection of rabbinical writings and biblical commentaries. Judaism had its major influence in Babylonian and Egyptian religions. Judaism traces its teachings to the Pharisees, an old group of teachers from the early first century and onward to the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. It's core beliefs include the belief in one God, the coming of the Messiah, and the notion that the Jews are the Chosen People of God.
David Feinstein is a Jew who practices Judaism.
by Jay Rawd November 14, 2007
Someone who believes the Old Testament but not the New Testament and is waiting for their Jesus.
Judaism is the root of Christianity
by Washy February 18, 2015

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