JubiLee-- 2Stroke with WD4U or wishingful stroking while at work
He's trying to fix an engine while at work, but he his tools are engaged in JubiLee.
by Fixedonthe70s February 04, 2009
Top Definition
Jubilation Lee, one of the X-Men. Mutant. also called Jubes, or firecracker. she has the power to explode matter at a subatomic level, generating bursts of plasma. She used to be Wolverine´s sidekick, she was for a while in the Generation X team, now, after dying, she came back to the X-Men.
Jubes was the coolest mutant of all the GenX kids
by Lara February 20, 2004
A celebration of extreme importance and maximum enjoyment and such
so, i heard you last night from downstairs, sounds like you were having quite a jubilee.
by Sean February 28, 2005
To absolve one of their debts by a random act of kindness. This act is generally carried out between friends that regularly engage in games of chance the involve monetary risk. The debt is not considered lifted until the borrower verbally states "JUBILEE"
Larry was into him for $25 until Andrew generously declared "JUBILEE" and relieved him of his current debts.
by akellz October 26, 2015
A park in which many aboriginals gather. For; engaging in sexual intercourse with other white trash, sniffing paint, pretending to skate board, fighting white people and drinking flagon.
Example 1: "I saw Travis and Crab drinking flagon last night in Jubilee after they finished off a can of Dulux"

Example 2: "These crazy aboriginals are starting on me because I'm wearing clothes without holes in them, Jubilee is hard"

Example 3: "White trash slags were getting thrashed last night in Jubilee. By these guys in the 'Jubilee Hard' crew"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
Someone's virginity.
Mother: Protect your jubilee!
Daughter: wow
by EzmeraldaPusspopper November 28, 2007
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