A long hair man who smokes weed to forget his problems,
and he has a passion for music and plays guitar with his soul. Also loves old school video games.
belinda: Hey whos that guy over there playing skid row songs?
Ella: thats Jubie man..
by Gabster March 20, 2008
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An alias referring to pop teenboy Justin Bieber by people who simply cannot fathom why in the world he has become so huge with the pre-teen crowds.

Used on the social networking web site Twitter to express disapproval of Justin Bieber as a trending topic without contributing to the continuation of Justin Bieber as a trending topic.

The correct spelling of this is "Jubie". Not Jubee, not Ju-Bee, and most decidedly NOT JuBe.
I can't stand that Jubie is trending again.

It's probably because she has a new song out.

"He". Jubie is a guy.

No shit?
by twitter_user April 12, 2010
n. Group of white kids from Northern Va. who had nothing better to do one day so they started a "gang", made up some gay name and printed a bunch of hats and t-shirts.
Mark: Brandon why are you such a fag?
Brandon: You owe me a new rim for my piece of shit car you Jubie bastard!
Bret: Brandon you are such a gay fag.

Brandon: Bret can I play with your Jubie penis?
Bret: Only if I can teabag you, you fuckin' homo.
Brandon: Ok. I'd love it if you'd tickle my tonsils too!
Bret: Cookies!
by Markstein Arnoldiburg April 19, 2006

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