sluggish, jolly, chubby specimen. Loves cheese and cheescake and cheeseburgers. A food that represents a jub is a marshmallow.
Anna : Look at that chubby and jolly person shoving cheescake in their mouth!
Donna : Shes a such a jub!
by jublover January 13, 2010
A somewhat sticky, oily, salty, substance found on the male genitalia, particularly at the base of the scrotum.
Why don't you lick the jub off my ball sack?
by b-line March 13, 2010
smoking weed
or weed itself
Lets go jub after school
got any Jub?
by rep203 December 21, 2009
the area in between the gooch and the ballbag
'ah man, you rub my jub gooood'
by hannah-but its conors word May 13, 2008
A back rub from Jack's to Kelsey's in which Kelsey's are 90%-100% passed out by the end and have their anxieties removed.
Please come over and give me a long hard jub so I can fall asleep.

I could really use a jub right now, jub right now.
by Jubber June 02, 2010
Comes from "to Jack yoUr Buddy's whore." To hit on, or steal the hooker that your friend likes or is currently hitting on.

J = Jack
U = yoUr
B = Buddy's whore/hooker

to Jub
"Dude, he's totally falling for that bar girl. Let's go jub him!"

"Sorry, man, but I had to Jub your Bangkok girl last night. You understand, eh?"
by ThaiTommy December 20, 2006
jub jub jub (see jub)
derives from the ancient greek nomadic jub tribe made famous throughout the world for their extraordinary jubiliciousnous
"jub me, jub you, jub every jubbing jubber. jub off."
by jub July 08, 2004

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