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a cool kid from australia with a swank name

name originally derived from jubei from the anime ninja scroll

the name is now about reaching about a decade

nowadays he is known by his friends as jubs.

can be pronounced in various ways.
"joobs", "chubs" or "jubs"

see below for exmaples of other variations of the name
jubba, joobs, jubi, jubsy, jubs
by jubs December 22, 2005
jungle bunny abbreviated ie racist term for a black person.
similar to nigger, coon or wog.
hey look at that dirty jub!
by mr.KKK July 15, 2004
Body fat.
Sir: I have so much jub...
Other sir: Maybe you should call Jenny Craig.
by ladyy. January 23, 2012
Uber nub. Jub is to nub what nub is to noob.
Bob: *does something really stupid*
Jake: You're such a jub!
Bob: *cries in a corner*
by 1337Ninja October 05, 2011
Short for 'Junior Underprivileged Brat'.

Boarding School lingo for anyone younger than you, but normally reserved for the youngest pupils.

The term originally stems from a poem about 'Jumblies' by Edward Lear, and was intended to be affectionate, but has been corrupted overtime. First used at Quantock School (which has now closed)
Check out that Jub, he'll be crying for his mummy before the night is out!
by QGob June 19, 2011
adjective used to describe something lush or pleasing.

Mainly used in the south west of England.
that pasta was jub

yeah thats jub mate!

something can look,feel,smell jub
by helia spandex April 15, 2011
sluggish, jolly, chubby specimen. Loves cheese and cheescake and cheeseburgers. A food that represents a jub is a marshmallow.
Anna : Look at that chubby and jolly person shoving cheescake in their mouth!
Donna : Shes a such a jub!
by jublover January 13, 2010