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Juanpa is when you're really strange and like to talk about WWII with your classmates and freak everyone the fuck out.
OMG, Juanpa just stabbed Sara with a fork!
by masqueofreddeath November 24, 2010
A Juanpa/Juampa can be the best friend you ever had, he is very funny and will do anything to make you smile. He is very musical and can play any instrument, and he will dance all day long. he is probably one of the most exotic creatures you will ever find and once you get to know him you wont want to let him go. Ladies watch out because he doesn't try but you will be sucked in by this little Latino creature with his charming good looks and intriguing spiritual side then once you get inside his bubble you wont want to leave, if you want to keep a Juanpa to yourself you have to be equally as exotic and 100% loyal and you and Juanpa will have a lot of fun together
I met a Juanpa last week and i cant stop thinking about him.
by Goaldie February 17, 2013
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