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Is a Hispanic female name, usually a girl named Juana tend to be intimidating, she can be extremely loyal but when tested she will get revenge in silence for her own satisfaction. Great sex! "Lady in the streets but a freak in the bed" type of girl. She enjoys getting attention from men.
Oh look at Juana she's such a self centered hoe
by Sam Taino December 21, 2016
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Juana is a beautiful, dependable, fun loving, hilarious and kind hearted. When you're around Juana there's never a dull moment, especially when it comes to music, Juana has a great taste in music. Never a dull moment with Juana keep her close❤️.
Who is that beautiful girl over there, must be a Juana.

This songs great, Juana must have picked it.
by premium potatoes April 18, 2017
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A nickname for marijuana. Someone who likes to talk about marijuana. Also can be someone who like to smoke marijuana. Or just someone who plain straight hates marijuana but likes the name Juana. Juana can also be used in a phrase used in all sorts of ways(1 shown below).
'Juana sucks, man!
wanna go smoke some 'Juana?
by Amazing_Juana_Feel August 27, 2010
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Is a beautiful,smart,caring,and loyal person who treats people the way they want to be treated. She can be fun and outgoing, but when she is upset, it makes everyone upset. She will make your life a joy and if you ever meet one, keep her around and she will make your life 10x better
Boy: Hey who is she?
Girl: Oh, that Juana, she is actually really nice and fun.
Boy: Wow I want to be friends with her.
by Not Just That One Girl April 18, 2017
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a gun usually used and said in Dominican Republic
Yo let me use juana.
by drzprincess April 24, 2008
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