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Warm, insightful and truly wonderful. He might seem strange to begin with, but when you get to know him better you will find that no aquantaince has ever been so worth your while.
Juan Carlos is wonderful.
by Julle February 04, 2010
The name only a king could posses. 5'4 Colombian, captivating eyes, compasionate, loving. Might work as a driver for a national company. Usually a great friend. It's nice to be important but more important to be nice. Enjoys running marathon's and outdoor sports. Might support such teams as the Jets, Mets, and Atletico Nacional.
Is that Juan Carlos running the NY Marathon?
by C'est Moi Smr! February 03, 2010
Small but mighty. Friendly and helpful but less expected when you need him at an instant.
I called Juan Carlos for help. He was here in no time!
by March 07, 2015
If you ever meet a Juan Carlos, odds are you will fall in love over a period of six months. Give him a chance and don't give up. He is worth it! He will fuck up numerous of times but that's in his character. Once you win his heart, it is the most beautiful, caring, lovable heart you will ever see glips of. Caution! He is charming with his wit and has quite the sliver tongue, but his soul is as good as it gets. You will have to laugh at his jokes and make him feel like he's the only man on earth, but the reward is like no other.

He's an amazing man and a wonderful specimen you will forever want to keep him close in your life, as a lover or friend, watch out ladies you'll never find another like a Juan Carlos.
Juan Carlos self titled, a man of his own.

Stubborn as the night is long Juan Carlos.

A lover, a fighter and a stop in the middle of traffic man to pic your a red rose.. He is Juan Carlos.
by Skulltress November 08, 2015
A gay guy who is acts straight and is dumb, non athletic, and has no freinds at all.
Hey why you acting a little gay

Oh I was hanging out with juan Carlos the whole day
by Yolomaster December 30, 2014
An asshole with a small penis.
He really juancarlosed it this time!
by STDean4 December 13, 2011

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