A Mexican drug dealer who is friends with Pedro and Pedro hurts little kids
Don't be friends with Juan he isn't a good person to be around.
by 4299 February 08, 2015
Most commonly known for his deep hatred towards the mother of his child. However, this tiny dark creature can have a change of heart every 2 - months in which he makes amens with his inner demons
Juan, two, three, four
by the a team February 03, 2014
a bitch and cheats on girls and gets no bitches at all
juan is a retared bitches :D
by jua February 20, 2015
Always wants sympathy. Always has a problem. Never there when you need him.
"Sorry but I have a lot going on and you will have to take care of whatever unimportant problems you have."

That is so Juan.
by BronxLatinaGirl August 24, 2011
A sausage muncher who googles naked pictures of his mom in his spare time. You can observe him in his natural habitat of the Mexican badlands munching on cinnamon almonds and stalking Facebook profiles when he finds internet connection. His sidekick is a black bear named Buddy.
He gives great fashion advice.
When he is not criticizing Asians he has a heart of gold. Gold which he stole from the Irish and openly brags about.
Beth: Man, I don't know what to wear tonight
Clarissa: You should ask Juan! Bring sausages and almonds for payment.
by Priscilla Willow July 27, 2011

Also nerdy & skinny, whos entire life is Red Dead Redeption / Black Ops.
Has A WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL girlfriend but is VERY ungrateful for how beautiful she is :)
TF Nigga, is you bein Juan now?
by OhShizzImCuteee April 18, 2011
a very commonly used mexican name
hey juan. hey juan,dude were is juan
by pacoxs July 12, 2006

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