A sausage muncher who googles naked pictures of his mom in his spare time. You can observe him in his natural habitat of the Mexican badlands munching on cinnamon almonds and stalking Facebook profiles when he finds internet connection. His sidekick is a black bear named Buddy.
He gives great fashion advice.
When he is not criticizing Asians he has a heart of gold. Gold which he stole from the Irish and openly brags about.
Beth: Man, I don't know what to wear tonight
Clarissa: You should ask Juan! Bring sausages and almonds for payment.
by Priscilla Willow July 27, 2011

Also nerdy & skinny, whos entire life is Red Dead Redeption / Black Ops.
Has A WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL girlfriend but is VERY ungrateful for how beautiful she is :)
TF Nigga, is you bein Juan now?
by OhShizzImCuteee April 18, 2011
a very commonly used mexican name
hey juan. hey juan,dude were is juan
by pacoxs July 12, 2006
It is a prank that is considered brutal and very mean. The purpose for making such prank can either be to harm the person mentally, or for the mere enjoyment of watching others suffer
'Mike : Yo, did you hear about the juan i pulled in the girl's bathroom?

'Kyle : dude, the whole school knows. Nice juan man!'
by Craziekid January 10, 2010
a guy who meets little girls on xbox live because he cannot meet girls in real life. NO LIFE
Guy 1: Dude, what are you doing?

Guy 2: I gotta go to court for being a Juan :(

Guy 1: Sucka
by DonJuanNaughtygirl February 12, 2010
any and every persons name in florida....
im drivin down the street and i say to any random person demilo juan conjo and he answers...
by alex rivera July 21, 2006

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