The best name anyone could ever possibly have. Anybody with this name is automatically awesome. A Juan likes to show off a little, but does it in a very hot way, making the ladies run to him like a moth to flame.Can also be used to describe someone who is a total badass.
I just saw this guy surfing do a double backflip off of his surfboard into the ocean, and came up out of the water showing off his abs of steel. He is such a Juan.
by JUAN is bae December 15, 2014
the most common name in the mexican language.usually verry popular at very talented at soccer.ladies man and is good at sex.pleasures the women.a fine as guy with a big penis
ohh my god he was so good at sex! i think his name was juan kuz he sure was one
by redrum murder March 30, 2009
The number of Mexicans it takes to screw in a lightbulb
Q- How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A- Juan
by goffman February 27, 2012
The best guitar player on the planet. He is so hot you will just melt. He is very sweet and genuine. No one is better. He is also very stubborn.
That guy Juan will be famous one day.
by Mkhljhj September 12, 2014
The first number.
Bob: Who's number Juan?
Juan: I'm number Juan!
by maroonmicrophone November 04, 2014
Spanish form of "John."

It means "God has given," "gift from God," and/or "God is gracious."
"Juan es en la bibliotecha."
"John is in the library."
by GOD'S NOT DEAD! January 30, 2015
a great basketball player. usually an aquarius. great kisser but isn't faithful unless they truly love someone. only bad thing about them is that they have a chode. great hair and beautiful smile. heart breaker. doesn't like being bossed around or people getting in his love life. biggest pet peeve trying to talk to them when mad.
hey who's that sexy guy. with the good looks?
that's juan he's a heart breaker but a great kisser!
by be/unique May 28, 2015

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