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The most adorable boy you will ever meet. He's a huge dork and you will love him forever if you meet him. He's basically completely perfect. He's a real guy with real feelings and will know how to make you smile on your worst days and feel like you're worth way more than you think. The only thing is he'll make you worry nonstop! You will never want to leave his side.
Person 1: Oh my god, I just met the most perfect person ever!
Person 2: Must be a Juan.
by pio_pio September 10, 2011
Juan is the Greek and Latin word for master. of Elissa and matt not to mention Kamal. Juan is a name of a master/pimp he is Damiens master and pimp and also Marys PIMP. Juan's usually have a slave named Phil. Juan's are also chick magnets.
look there is a Juan.
omg its Juan
ahhhh look Juan
by damiens pimp March 29, 2009
A Sweet, Nice, Easy Going Guy, Middle Name is Usually Luis. He Tends to Get Jealous Easily When in a Relationship, Specifically Over Band Singers and Celebrities. He is a Great Person That Would Be Very Missed Once They Are Lost.
1.Juan is So Sweet. 2. Juan Luis Got Jealous Of Brad Pitt Last Night Cause i Said He Was Hot.
by DontWorry AboutIt Alright! June 21, 2010
A Juan is a guy known everywhere. Theres always a Juan in every town. In the old Greek language Juan means master, chief, king, they always had slaves named carlos and francisco and still to this day some juans have a dog named Francisco and most juans have a nigger friend named Carlos. juans these days are known as playa pimp bosses or pimp boss playas, however you wanna call it maybe BOSS HOGG. they also hate pheonix arisona cuz its a peice a shit. A juan is also a guy that every girl wants to have for many perticular reasons but girls are just gonna have to find out.
Wow! you were such a "Juan" last night Carlos.

That guy from last night was great in bed, i think his name was "Juan".

Carlos I fuckin hate you! You should be more like "Juan".

Does that guy have a slave named carlos? wow he must b a Juan.
by fck PHX May 09, 2010
Four simple words. Best guy out there. He's one of the most amazing guy out there. He's adorable,cute, dorky, can be the sweetest guy, and just plain hot. If you happen to meet someone like him you should consider yourself an extremely lucky girl. He's a person you will and can call your best friend, he will always be there and will go through so many obstacles just to stay with you, and that's what makes him even more great as a person. He is perfect. He can be gentle and will always have that sexy side to him that will make you fall madly in love with him. Juan will make your bad day into a great day with just one simple smile from him. He will make you feel like the only girl in the world that matters. No matter what, he's worth sticking to in any situation. I know I am and I will. <3
Juan is such a gentle guy.
I'm in love with Juan
by JayyyJayyy1009 December 06, 2012
Juan Is not mainly a mexican Name, Juan can also be Puerto Rican as in my case, also nick names= Juanito, Tito, Juany, Juana and many others
your the juan and only ahah
by Jmgonz35 November 07, 2010
The number of Mexicans it takes to screw in a lightbulb
Q- How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A- Juan
by goffman February 27, 2012