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Juan(Spanish) Pronounced (Whoo-one): Derived from the Hebrew name John; Meaning "Gracious gift to god."

Juan(Mexican) Pronounced (Won): Although slighty altered in pronunciation, the name Juan is extremely altered in it's defintion. While the Spanish meaning remains the same as it's origin. The Mexican name "Juan," symbology and texture is transfered to another state of being. Juan(Mexican) is a symbol so negative it remains unexplainable, it's true definition can only remain undefined, because it's a cruel twisted picture which humans cannot explain in the physical world.
An expression, a feeling, a thought, faith, calamity, complete distruction... That is "Juan!" Those named "Juan" expose massive defects within the genetics of all Mexicans. These names are given to Mexican babies at a subconscious level, thou the parents are consciously unaware of their chosen decision. Subconsciously the brain works at a higher pace, an unimaginable information can be processed within nano-seconds. Within the nano-seconds the name "Juan" is processed threw billions of mental decisions to make no error in judgement. Threw this complex cycle, a Mexican baby is now judged "Juan!" Juan becomes a noticeable defect during adulthood. Believing it's a god compared to others, the defects in the Mexican gene's push threw with tons force behind it. Desired for simply instant unearned respect, it will do absolute nothing for itself. But bring suffering to those it leeches onto. "Juans" heart willed soli to please itself, will take great toll on many. It will force it's needs upon others, where favors will not be returned, but see's it as fairness in friendship. It's Guided by an unjustified mind, it's very own errors unnoticeable to itself. Even thou "Juans" are extremely talkative, amongst Non-Mexicans he becomes an annoyance and social outcast. When tempered "Juan" will it express himself fully, there is no restraint no matter how idiotic the reason being. In a world where commonsense doesn't exist, it will never realize the errors in it's ways. Common symptoms caused by longterm contact with "Juan": Depression, Insanity, Financial Problems, Hair Loss, Deterioration in Hygiene, Massive Deterioration in Sex Life, Deterioration in Health & Physical Appearance, Loneliness, Loss of Friends, Solitude.

Characteristics of Juan:Lazy, EXTEMELY FILTHY, Annoying, Attention Seeker, Loud, No Commonsense, Ignorant, Short Tempered, Talkative.

WARNING:I higly suggest if you do come across any JUAN(Mexican), to avoid him and reject him at all cost. Before all your hard work, hard earned money, friends, and life vanish before your eyes, and replacing it is a sorrowful world too deep, too destroying to your dreams, and crushs every hope till its pointless to escape when all your happiness is gone and only sorrow is in your heart.
Example of Juan(Spanish)
The Great "Juan" Cardello travled from Spain to Mexico, to kill Mexicans.
Examples of Juan(Mexican)
"JUAN! How the hell can you spill food allover the carpet and not clean it UPPPP!!!!???"

"Juan! YOU FUCKING STUPID BEANER! Stop stleaing..... NO! infact don't ever touch anything that belongs to me again."

"Juan, it's three AM on a Tuesday. You've been yelling and screaming at my Xbox for 3 hours now for the past two weeks, because you think the game is BS since it just dosen't hand you the win all the time. Can you please be quiet "Juan?" The neighbors are trying to sleep, and so am I. Can you turn down MY TV a little also, thanks "Juan.""

PHONE:"Hello, is this Immigration's?....Yea, I'm calling about an illegal wetback named "Juan," who came from Mexico to the U.S. and is ruining my life, who also yells, screams, and laughs really loud early in the morning for hours watching tv, playing xbox,ps2,ps3, and watching Borat clips on his computer.....Alright I'll have him in a box outside of my house by this afternoon for shipment back to Mexico, Okay, Thank you very much!"

"GET IN THE FUCKING BOX "JUAN!"........... I DON'T GIVE FUCK YOU STUPID BITCH YOU AIN'T MY MOTHER FUCKING FRIEND, YOU NEVER WAS!!!!!!!!!........ GET IN THE FUCKING BOX NOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!.....If 20 of you can fit in a Honda Civic, your fucking beaner ass can fit in this box.....NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP "JUAN" AND GET IN THE BOX YOU'RE GOING BACK HOME..........GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!(Puts box outside)WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! THANK YOU LORD!!"

Juan went to the party and no one spoke to him, because he is a Mexican.
by FookMexicans December 19, 2006
The number before two.
Juan (1), 2, 3, ....
by Y0U_KN0W September 27, 2008
Possibly the coolest name you can have.
The first Juan was born in the badlands of Mexico and according to the legend raised by dragons until the tender age of five at which he, single handed defeated a troop of french invaders by giving them wrong directions that took them into a pit of eternal damnation.
It is also said that, at 15 years of age, he created the cult to kukulkan the feathered snake by taking a snake, covering it with glue and sticking chicken feathers to the poor animal. Kukulkan is still worship at Yucatan up to the present day.
The story goes on to tell incredible feats that would make Hercules himself look like a kid.
The funniest part is that he died killed by a coconut while taking a nap under a coconut tree (of course) at the tender age of 78.
Juan already did that!
I wish I was as cool as Juan!
When I grow up, I want to be just as cool as Juan.
Juan is my hero.
by John Cousin March 20, 2008
Super delicious male humanoid. And incredible in bed.
Juaaan.. Oh, Juann..
by SoarMouthh June 18, 2009
Juan is a sweet good looking guy with a nice personality, but can be a sarcastic prick sometimes. Juan can be pretty dense, and freaking weird too! also gets angry at the smallest things But is very smart and great to talk to when your sad and need a shoulder to cry on. Juan is also the type of guy who can pull off the nerdy look and make it sexy ;) knows how to treat women and is known for being a VERY cute son of a bitch! Stubborn as fuck though! HAHA. and because Juan is mexican he is an amazingly sexy dancer! ;D but is shy and quiet so he's not easy to talk to. And his smile is even sexier!!! he loves reading and writing poetry, making music, and nature and isnt afraid of being sensitive making him a a real romantic! and his kisses are soft and gentle and when he says something he means it so in other words Juan's the perfect bf! mmmmuah ;* hahaha If you ever catch a Juan, ladies, NEVER let that boy go!!!
Juan gets angry too easily but he's soooo cute!
I kissed Juan yesterday and his lips felt amazing!!!
Juan's sooo nerdy and weird. He's always talking about pokemon and super mario
by Megan <3s U! November 16, 2011
smarter than the average american and able to last, please and continue pleasing the american female thats why you see more juans than johns with american females HAHA
Juan gimmie sum ,juan you still awake , juan you smell good juan im glad you swam the river ,juan you are the meat in my smokehouse
by apache_princess1 April 20, 2008
Spanish name most closely related to that in English as John. Popularised in the west by the Johnny Depp film "Don Juan", the name Juan strikes fear into the hearts of lesser men. Translates loosely to "man with everything"
Pronounced differently than expected

Juan -> "hhh-wa-n"
Steph- Hey Jenna how is it going with Charles
Jenna- God Steph he was so passe, such a no in a big way! i found a new guy... his is Juan"
Steph- He sounds like a pretty hot guy! Its not too mexican like Miguel, its soft and subtle and incrdibly sexy!
by Charles Olson November 08, 2006
the most common name in the mexican language.usually verry popular at school.is very talented at soccer.ladies man and is good at sex.pleasures the women.a fine as guy with a big penis
ohh my god he was so good at sex! i think his name was juan kuz he sure was one
by redrum murder March 30, 2009