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It is by far the best name for any man. Juan Antonio's are loyal, honest, faithful, hard workers, dependable, great lovers, vain, proud, family oriented and selfless. He loves the idea of being in love and in a committed relationship. It takes quite a lot to anger a Juan Antonio. He hates people without initiative and people who can't make it happen on their own. He rather have some trying times happen before asking for help, as he believes he can make it on his own. Juan Antonio's are successful in everything they do in life, they don't take no for an answer and they are achievers. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that crosses path with a Juan Antonio, consider yourself to be blessed. Not everyone is lucky enough to even know one. I know this because i have one.
In life the only way to be successful is to live by Juan Antonio's creed.
by Juana1 February 25, 2011
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