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Jtard is a general term to describe those who are overly obsessed with Japanese-"things".
"things" can be ANYTHING - so long as its somehow related to Japan, the Jtard will show a sudden heightened interest.

Common Symptoms of a Jtard are:

- complete obsession with "Japanese" things

- goes into COMPLETE denial when you tell a Jtard something they perceive to be Japanese isnt

- racist in the sense they believe Japanese is superior all others (ex. if an 'anime' isnt Japanese made, a Jtard will deem it a cartoon or of lessor value)

- express ridiculous love of the Japanese Culture (while having very little actual knowledge of it)

- express love for the Japanese language and often try but fail to learn it

- believes Japan is the most perfect utopia to have ever graced the Earth (without knowledge of political and social aspect of Japan society IRL)

- Completely ignorant to Japanese HISTORY (other than their favorable samurai anime era)

- has a huge stash of J-stuffs

- an Otaku

- falsely believes other Asian cultures are Japanese

- is extremely annoying to non-Jtard in their non-stop usage of pseudo-Japanese, anime-reference that no one understands, and misconceptions of actual J-culture

- Takes extreme offense to anything negative about Japan. The Jtard refuses to believe anything can be negative about Japan other their own preconceived notions.

- Lacks awareness of the real world events. View of world is thru an anime.
Jtard: "Ahh I love Japanese, its the most beautiful language in the world... listen to those Japanese girls talking over there!"
Person: "um. Those are Koreans."
Person: "sigh.... Jtard"

Person: "Whatcha doing?"
Jtard: "Looking for anime to watch."
Person: "That one looks good."
Jtard: "Ew, it was drawn by a Caucasian, its a total anime wannabe, so pathetic, I'm not watching it."
-- silence --
Person: "You draw right?"
Jtard: "Yeah, so whats your point?"
Person: -_- (stupid Jtard... he just racism'd against him/herself)
by booya123 January 27, 2010
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A person who is obsessed with the Japanese culture, even though they are not Japanese in any way.
"I love to write in Kanji So much!"
"Dude your such a Jtard."
by xNightshadex April 07, 2009
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Someone who is obsessed with all things Japanese and anything related to Japanese things - to the point of being retardedly obsessive over Japanese things.

They believe Japan is superior to every single culture out there, will try to speak/learn Japanese, and their cultural understanding of Japan stems from the anime/manga/J-music/fashion that they follow - ultimately forming a distorted view of a country.

They will often comment on how every other culture (esp their own) sucks in comparison to Japan and how they wish they lived there.
Jtards completely misunderstands the culture they praise and make complete asses out of themselves.

A: "Wow the Japanese are so original and brilliant. I love their lolita fashion and FF music! We Americans are so stupid compared to them!"
B: (face palms) "You know FF music is Classical music which is Western in origin not to mention lolita clothing as well."
by B1905 November 21, 2010
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