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Proper noun; A small, college-prep, Catholic high school in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The school is run by Norbertine Catholc priests and is highly Anti-Liberal on all accounts. The school delves short of "Big Brother" territory, as the school's wireless system is probed by gents who spy on every students' computer, to ensure they are listening in class. Also, students may occasionally be suspended for pro-choice remarks and/or speaking against Prop 8.

The school has no arts building, except for the upstairs area of one wing of a building. Every year, the school performs a musical but, because there is no auditorium, they show it in the same room that fits 2/5 of the student body at lunch.

Despite the school's main focus on football, the school is demolished every year by every other school school in the Trinity League; however, Jserra does have impressive soccer, cross country/track and field, water polo, swimming, and volleyball that annually make it to CIF/State. For reasons unknown to everyone else, the school offers Letterman jackets to cheerleading and ASB.

Currently, the school charges a tuition of almost $12,000 a year, not including books, uniforms, or athletic participation fees.
The Trinity League is made up of Mater Dei, Servite, Rosary, Jserra High School , Orange Lutheran, Santa Margarita, and St. John Bosco.

by Robin Reynard April 10, 2009
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