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A Joy-Beth is love, kindness, patience and personality. Everyone loves to hang out with a Joy-Beth because she makes them laugh and is so much fun. Joy-Beths are witty, smart and quick to tell a joke. They love to be left alone while shopping. They hate stupidity and laziness and prefer to do the job themselves rather than sacrifice quality. Joy-Beth's are very rare and when one is spotted a quick conversation should be started or the discovery will be at the loss of the non-Joy-Beth. A Joy-Beth is a good friend and although she may only have a select few, those people know that they are the luckiest to have befriended a Joy-Beth. She is loyal, trustworthy and honest. Joy-Beth's are always considered aswesome, although non-Joy-Beth's may feel the need to exert themselves most haneously in the presence of a Joy-Beth because of their subpar awesomeness. Joy-Beth, a rare and precious find of the highest quality...may often be taken for granted until the non-Joy-Beth realizes their awful mistake and discovers what a boob they are.
I found this diamond encrusted watch today, but it still doesn't compare to a Joy-Beth!

I went to my job interview today and realized afterwards that I should've tried harder to get the position. It was a Joy-Beth opportunity!

A great day consists of good coffee, blue skies and a whole bunch of Joy-Beths!
by JBeeindahouse February 05, 2010
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