another spelling for "jokes", usually used to describe something funny that happened, a prank that was played or a something funny someone did. Usually used when the said person can't think of anything more interesting to say in reply.
Can be used as a substitute for lol.
person 1:i spent my lunchbreak making a photocopy of my head.
person 2 :jox

joker :i'm going to a fancy dress party this weekend
joker: yeh.
reply: jox.

person: i'm bored.
by wet fish June 09, 2006
Top Definition

A superabundance; an excess.
Jody took a whole jox of penis in her rectum at last nights party
by mikeflesh June 24, 2010
adj.Dealing with an avid internet user.
That jox guy's cool.
by jox February 23, 2004
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