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A extremely sexy boy/man. Typically lighter skinned brown hair brown eyes. can be annoying at times but is fun loving, athletic(though he can be lazy at times), and loyal(he will stand by your side no matter what). He is usually happy but is smart (no matter how dumb he acts.) Rock Hard abs,decent muscles, tall, and SEXY(did i alredy mention that?). Any girl lucky enough to date this boy better not diss him in any way. He is the most amazing, handsome,smart,funny,athletic boy ever. You cant help falling in love with him.
Girl 1:"O..M..G Look at that sexy guy!"

Girl 2 :"OMG!! Girl 1 thats Jovany half the school is in love with that boy!"

Girl 1:"I hope he asks me out!"

Girl 2:"Yeah! Join the club!"
by Classified School Gyrl January 12, 2013
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