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The most amazing and sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He's absolutely perfect. He has the most beautiful eyes and a stunning smile. He has a kind heart and is nice to everyone. He's the most adorable and charming boy. It's extremely hard to not fall in love with a Jovanne. His love is unconditional and he's a great listener. He is always there when you need him. Jovannes also love animals such as sloths and monkeys.
Woah girl who's that?
I don't know but he's perfect he must be a Jovanne!
by merpgoesthesloth May 06, 2013
An extremely rare name for a female person. Jovanne comes from the word "dan" which means "yd". A very nice person with a nice open heart, loving and caring, but tough. Very tough. Jovanne is cool and charming. Very attractive but too bad she's mine :> Loves Red&Purple together. A born criminal. Musician. Nigger. Friend. Lover.
Jovanne loves Dan :)
by redpurple February 08, 2010
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