The poking of an awning or other shelter from underneath with a pole or a shaft to drain water collected during rain
After the shower, waiters from inside the sidewalk restaurants were seen jousting the awnings.
by Xerxes Billimoria December 23, 2010
when a man runs towards a woman lying on a bed with her legs spread and penetrates her
Dude i was jousting this bitch last night but i missed once or twice
by knaitlyn August 28, 2008
To go hill walking with platonic male friends all the while exchanging jokes about rimming, sodomy and friends who may or may not be serial murderers. Usually takes place on a Sunday afternoon.
Peter: "Hey John, the weather looks alright outside, fancy going jousting this afternoon."

John: "Yeah that sounds good. I have access to the Freestyler this afternoon so I'll pick you up around 1pm"
by John McDonnell January 15, 2007
tallbike jousting is postapocaliptic sport on tallbikes
two punx with 9" lance cycling on tallbikes against each other. and than it happens, he he. The real jousting is against policemen on horses to free police horses
by louis October 25, 2004
*The act of ramming your pole in someone elses hole...*
*Lets Joust! Ram your pole in my hole!*
by Alanna January 28, 2004
The process involving 2 naked men running head-on to each other with erections. The two penii clashing together will cause one to snap off. For bonus points the winner must insert the winning member into the loser's blood-stained urethra.
Often used during Bro Rape.
-Hey man, I went jousting yesterday and my dick snapped off and went in my eye! Man what a weekend!

"Is that a bloody vagina?"
"No, me and my buddy were jousting last night and my cock snapped off"
"..... cool."
by J.// September 15, 2007
Homosexual act between two males.
Those two need to get a room and stop jousting with each other.
by Marcus October 22, 2003

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