A slang term for oral sex, by either woman or men.

Also used in conjunction with "jocking", "jousing" and "jocking" are commonly used together.
That nigga over there is gettin' joused by some ho.

Man that girl is jousing you to the fullest, you should ask for her number.
by Marizle September 14, 2007
Top Definition
Cuban, scareface like pronounciation of the word you
Jou know mang?
by Andy December 05, 2003
The Hispanic accented pronunciation of the English word "You", used by the character Tony Montana in the movie Scarface.
"What the fuck jou talking bout mang?"
by Bono October 06, 2004
really good
i went to spain it was jous
by Gavman December 31, 2003
a funny man that has a laughing disorder. when you're around Jou you cant help but crack a smile. he cheers you up, unless you're pissed off, then its just annoying.
Jou is musical.
Jou fucked a dog
Jou has red cauliflower
Jou is a laughing person.
Jou makes you happy
omg stop laughing, you remind me of Jou.
by Cyanide Cobain May 03, 2005
To suck dick in magnificent fashion
" girl can i get some jous in the house"
by Keanna and kirstie April 05, 2005
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