Usually A completely competent world leader who can either choose to be very kind or extremely terrible. A person whom is usually making jokes and smiles often. This person can lead people with a quick mind and snake tongue, usually a strong defender of the oppressed. This person is usually a spreader of wealth and tries to be just. Person you want on your side not against you
That guy can be such a Josue.

Did you see that communist he spoke like a Josue.
by Texas is the best April 08, 2011
Top Definition
Josue means to get horny. Josue's are usually sexy, and very nice.
I think I'm Josue.
by ffasdgfa October 16, 2008
A man who is envolved in passionate daily sex and can be something more than the "gardener next door."
Wow Maggie, you see that man in the business suit? That's a Josue right there!!
by Thatonedood January 07, 2008
Josue is known to be shy. Due to not wanting to self-disclose a lot of information Josue may give off a bad impression; seem threatening to others.

Josue is in fact sensitive and charming, and in no way should you be less threatened. His commitment makes him tick and everyone who gets the change to get to know him loves him.
Dude: "Man, Josue over there has everyone's attention without saying anything... I've decided I don't like him"
Chick: "Pshh. I'm gonna go over and say something... I bet hes a real keeper!"
by mofomonkee February 09, 2010
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