A very nice girl. VERY friendly and easy to talk to. VERY GORGEOUS!!! The perfect girlfriend or best friend. Knows how to make you laugh. Knows how to dress. Loves food and guys! Very energetic and loves to have a fun time. Has lots of friends. Has a big ass! Very loud. Has the perfect body.
Guy 1- man is that Jossette?
Guy 2- yeah, shes perfect!

Guy 1- she's mine!
by Porwtilo January 03, 2012
Top Definition
Jossette is VERY FRIENDLY! Easy to talk to. Loves food and guys. Adventureous, Hilarious, and Random. Can say some stupid stuff at times but you love it. Doesnt like to be mean. Always happy and energetic but if sad you should comfort. Has a BIG ass. One of the most GORGEOUS girls on Earth. Has a great body. Has many friends. Has great style! Is the PERFECT girlfriend or best friend. You can tell her anything! I down for her shit. Doesnt like to fight but if she has to, she will. Will always have your back. If you find a Jossette, then you are very lucky because there are not many.
Guy 1- man i think i like Jossette
Guy 2- really? Cause i do too!
by Ipwidldveudloa January 03, 2012
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