A failure at life with a girlfreind he does not deserve in the slightest.
A bigass bi polar redneck that usually resides in the whereabouts of saint clair.
He crys and is a failure super senior who is a grown man and has right around seven beards.
Stay away from him because his fail might rub off on you.
Joshua is s massive sack of douche that lives next to the St. Clair speedy Q
by tha mobb August 23, 2008
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A big blonde kid who has hot broad shoulders, cracks dirty jokes, and is real loud. Hes a madass DJ and is really really tall.
He is also racist and sexist.
"Trust joshua."
by sim the muztek August 26, 2008
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a cruel boy that cares for no one but himself he thinks he's perfect when he's not. He makes others feel bad about them self
Person: hey what's wrong

Person2: nothing it's Joshua
by Speaks_the_truth August 19, 2015
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A lying, bad excuse for human existence. He will break a girls heart, then turn around and blame it on her. He can also be seen as a man-whore. Has probably slept with almost every girl under the sun. Has a very snake like face to lure a girl in and can act very understanding and trust worthy but will stab you in the back. He can also fit under the category of Cooter-head or Baby scalp.
Girl: Oh my god Joshua just dumped me!
Best Friend: Ugh, that's so like him. But, why?
Girl: I don't know.....It's my fault really
Best Friend: No he's just being a cooter-head
by neveragainloveless July 27, 2010
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A jerk who cheats on any girlfriend he has. He's a player and a lier. He will hurt any girl who tries to get close to him. He will make you fall in love with him then break your heart.
A complete player. Joshua.
by madgirl243587 June 21, 2010
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A small town in Texas, about 45 mintues Southwest of Dallas. The vast majority of the patrons in Joshua are football-obsessed, culturally/politically retarded, mindblowingly-moronic hicks who should be shot
Do you know that one town? Joshua? Yea. It totally sucks.
by soadluvr8 October 18, 2008
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Noun; Joshua is a highly Intelligent Individual but tends to use his intelligence to be an arrogant ass. He will correct you at every turn. When he is not correcting you, he is making fun of you. If you try to make fun of Joshua he usually has a way better come back than you. Joshua is also very impatient. Most people are fooled by his shiny blonde hair and winning smile. Don't be deceived he is still an arrogant ass. Although Joshua is a know it all. He can be an amazing trustworthy friend. (that will blow your ear drum out)
Joshua is an arrogant ass

Joshua is impatient

by Monymo25 January 20, 2015
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