A person that loves Chelsea, and or all things having to do with Chelsea.
Oh, he loves Chelsea? He's so Joshua.
by Chelenza August 02, 2010
A lying, bad excuse for human existence. He will break a girls heart, then turn around and blame it on her. He can also be seen as a man-whore. Has probably slept with almost every girl under the sun. Has a very snake like face to lure a girl in and can act very understanding and trust worthy but will stab you in the back. He can also fit under the category of Cooter-head or Baby scalp.
Girl: Oh my god Joshua just dumped me!
Best Friend: Ugh, that's so like him. But, why?
Girl: I don't know.....It's my fault really
Best Friend: No he's just being a cooter-head
by neveragainloveless July 27, 2010
(noun) Another name for a pube trimmer.
i need to get the joshua and fix my pubes.

the damn joshua's didn't do a good job. I need to change the battery.
by The Italian Stallion 69 February 07, 2010
A jerk who cheats on any girlfriend he has. He's a player and a lier. He will hurt any girl who tries to get close to him. He will make you fall in love with him then break your heart.
A complete player. Joshua.
by madgirl243587 June 21, 2010
The worst boyfriend in the entire world! Bipolar and a fail at life! Who doesnt know how to treat his girlfriends right and is a huge nympho! 4 feet of pure asshole who blames everything on his girlfriends and starts fights.
Ex girlfriend #1:: did he tell you this?
Ex girlfriend #2:: yeah! He told me that all the time!!!!!!!
Joshua is a huge liar!
by Glitzyraver February 09, 2010
lazy, good kid, lame, funny, a fat head (eats alot), always tired, smart, ib student, works at the amc, has a sister named heather, likes chocolate, game head, shot his eye out with a bb, lots of girls like him, hard headed, grouchy
me: jeez a joshua sounds kinda dangerous....he shot his eye out

her: but he sounds really cool
by mysteria2 June 10, 2009
A person who has a very hard time accomplishing any normal every day activities.
Hey mom, Joshua is drowning in the laundry machine again.
Joshua, are you sane yet?
-Steve: Hey Stan, you better not pull a Joshua again.
-Stan: What?
by Hugh G. Johnson May 31, 2007

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