A cute, attractive, boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is very loving and understands easily. He puts nobody at fault for their mistakes. He would do anything for his friends. He is also very masculine. A surfer. Usually goes best with a name that starts with the letter T. Like Tammy or Tamara.
by Moooooooooo December 30, 2013
Joshua: In the Old Testament, was Moses' succesor who led the Isrealites in the promised land, best remembered for his destruction of Jericho.

In the New Testament, Joshua is by no means perfect, though he is a very attractive. Although Joshua is also a hopeless romantic wearing his heart on his sleeve, he will often feel the need to confront challenges with silent dignity, especially around the ideal woman. But given that he isn't always the brightest sometimes, Joshua will tend to overthink things in an effort to protect & defend the dignity of those around him. This is what women find most appealing. His playlist is filled with DMB, Guns n Roses, and specifically Fiona Apple's "Criminal," on repeat. Coupled with his near perfect memory, Joshua tends to be those that are completely missed in passing like at a bar.
Joan: Omg, who is he? That guy...over there?

Jessica: You mean him? That's Joshie/Joshua. His girl is studying abroad with that other... Team Jacob guy!

Joan: well, shit...I would too, Jacob is so hot!
by JoanOfArk11 January 02, 2014
A great boyfriend who lives in Canada but is originally European. He does everything he can to settle every little thing in the relationship. He is a dirty blonde guy. He loves pokemon and he laughs by himself in front of his monitor because he has an amazing girlfriend who is so intelligent, he can't compete with her. Joshua is the best boyfriend out there, ever! He is an ideal husband and he never starts a fight. He is so cute and girly. He plays basketball but he fell on his knees. He dated b*tches but now he's dating a queen. Me.
Aw, Joshua is trying to fix everything again. What a good boyfriend.
by GF090909 August 30, 2013
a cruel boy that cares for no one but himself he thinks he's perfect when he's not. He makes others feel bad about them self
Person: hey what's wrong

Person2: nothing it's Joshua
by Speaks_the_truth August 19, 2015
Noun; Joshua is a highly Intelligent Individual but tends to use his intelligence to be an arrogant ass. He will correct you at every turn. When he is not correcting you, he is making fun of you. If you try to make fun of Joshua he usually has a way better come back than you. Joshua is also very impatient. Most people are fooled by his shiny blonde hair and winning smile. Don't be deceived he is still an arrogant ass. Although Joshua is a know it all. He can be an amazing trustworthy friend. (that will blow your ear drum out)
Joshua is an arrogant ass

Joshua is impatient

by Monymo25 January 20, 2015
Joshua can be a total douche. He can be really funny yet annoying. He has a big and perverted mind, always thinking about sex. He is sexy with a huge ass. Joshua is a petite short men. He likes to play music such as guitar and likes to sing. When coming into a relationship he can take it pretty serious. He is always trying to get attention by doing stupid stuff and annoying people.
Omg is that Joshua's ass?
by claraa January 06, 2014
An annoying self-centered eccentric jerk. He gets whatever he wants because he is spoilt. He is a determined young man lolol.
Person: *plays a song on the piano*
Joshua: that song is for ugly lonely catlovers

^rude guiis
by Sally Jenson January 23, 2013

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