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Joshua: In the Old Testament, was Moses' succesor who led the Isrealites in the promised land, best remembered for his destruction of Jericho.

In the New Testament, Joshua is by no means perfect, though he is a very attractive. Although Joshua is also a hopeless romantic wearing his heart on his sleeve, he will often feel the need to confront challenges with silent dignity, especially around the ideal woman. But given that he isn't always the brightest sometimes, Joshua will tend to overthink things in an effort to protect & defend the dignity of those around him. This is what women find most appealing. His playlist is filled with DMB, Guns n Roses, and specifically Fiona Apple's "Criminal," on repeat. Coupled with his near perfect memory, Joshua tends to be those that are completely missed in passing like at a bar.
Joan: Omg, who is he? That guy...over there?

Jessica: You mean him? That's Joshie/Joshua. His girl is studying abroad with that other... Team Jacob guy!

Joan: well, shit...I would too, Jacob is so hot!
by JoanOfArk11 January 02, 2014
A great boyfriend who lives in Canada but is originally European. He does everything he can to settle every little thing in the relationship. He is a dirty blonde guy. He loves pokemon and he laughs by himself in front of his monitor because he has an amazing girlfriend who is so intelligent, he can't compete with her. Joshua is the best boyfriend out there, ever! He is an ideal husband and he never starts a fight. He is so cute and girly. He plays basketball but he fell on his knees. He dated b*tches but now he's dating a queen. Me.
Aw, Joshua is trying to fix everything again. What a good boyfriend.
by GF090909 August 30, 2013
An annoying self-centered eccentric jerk. He gets whatever he wants because he is spoilt. He is a determined young man lolol.
Person: *plays a song on the piano*
Joshua: that song is for ugly lonely catlovers

^rude guiis
by Sally Jenson January 23, 2013
He's the sexiest man alive. He has banged 99.99 percent of all hot chicks (the .01 are the fat chicks that have a hot face but not a hot body). When he gets excited his dick shoots out of his pants and he gets a blow job from everyone! There is no man or woman that wouldn't have sex with him! He is known of the god of sex! If he says bend over, everyone does.
"That dude is a Joshua!"
"I would definitely tap that Joshua!"
by That sexy guy! October 12, 2011
The name of one who is truly awesome and is cooler than Al, Harry, Jade and Prisca. Kyle also has herpes. just saying.
One would refer to Joshua as Josh, Joshie, Joshy, Joshy pie and Jooosh.
He is amazing in everything and he is also very smart. But he can't help it.
Aunty wendy also looks like jack black.
Wow joshua, your really cool!
by iam2sexii July 19, 2010
A gay faggot, who sucks his own dick an others too. He has a very sloppy pussy. His very favourite bread spreading is his own cum. Also in the sandwich, he puts three dildos, because even gay guys don't find him attractive. He is also a dumbfuck.
Joshua is such a fag.
by Nggajmgkmjthkmi7utkmi December 01, 2012
A tall lanky fuck who takes it up the ass hole daily by big black men, they tend to have mum's who are milfs who are bang tidy who many would love to spaff over their tits. Many have before and many will in the future. Joshua is also known as a person with no friends, no life, and a tiny penis but also will die a lonely little virgin. Joshua also stands for inbred, as they are renown for having sexual relations with their younger siblings. They also have tendancies to rape people among those being young defenseless children.
"He is such a Joshua!"
by Mclovin2408 October 21, 2011