He's a dick without friends and puts his cock in a book to keep it warm. He reads too often and gets horny on a harry potter book. in conclusion if you meet a Joshua tell him to suck a dick.
Joshua is a penis
by BONNY BOY 6969 January 08, 2015
A great boyfriend who lives in Canada but is originally European. He does everything he can to settle every little thing in the relationship. He is a dirty blonde guy. He loves pokemon and he laughs by himself in front of his monitor because he has an amazing girlfriend who is so intelligent, he can't compete with her. Joshua is the best boyfriend out there, ever! He is an ideal husband and he never starts a fight. He is so cute and girly. He plays basketball but he fell on his knees. He dated b*tches but now he's dating a queen. Me.
Aw, Joshua is trying to fix everything again. What a good boyfriend.
by GF090909 August 30, 2013
An annoying self-centered eccentric jerk. He gets whatever he wants because he is spoilt. He is a determined young man lolol.
Person: *plays a song on the piano*
Joshua: that song is for ugly lonely catlovers

^rude guiis
by Sally Jenson January 23, 2013
Joshua can be a total douche. He can be really funny yet annoying. He has a big and perverted mind, always thinking about sex. He is sexy with a huge ass. Joshua is a petite short men. He likes to play music such as guitar and likes to sing. When coming into a relationship he can take it pretty serious. He is always trying to get attention by doing stupid stuff and annoying people.
Omg is that Joshua's ass?
by claraa January 06, 2014
He's the sexiest man alive. He has banged 99.99 percent of all hot chicks (the .01 are the fat chicks that have a hot face but not a hot body). When he gets excited his dick shoots out of his pants and he gets a blow job from everyone! There is no man or woman that wouldn't have sex with him! He is known of the god of sex! If he says bend over, everyone does.
"That dude is a Joshua!"
"I would definitely tap that Joshua!"
by That sexy guy! October 12, 2011
The name of one who is truly awesome and is cooler than Al, Harry, Jade and Prisca. Kyle also has herpes. just saying.
One would refer to Joshua as Josh, Joshie, Joshy, Joshy pie and Jooosh.
He is amazing in everything and he is also very smart. But he can't help it.
Aunty wendy also looks like jack black.
Wow joshua, your really cool!
by iam2sexii July 19, 2010
A gay faggot, who sucks his own dick an others too. He has a very sloppy pussy. His very favourite bread spreading is his own cum. Also in the sandwich, he puts three dildos, because even gay guys don't find him attractive. He is also a dumbfuck.
Joshua is such a fag.
by Nggajmgkmjthkmi7utkmi December 01, 2012

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