An annoying self-centered eccentric jerk. He gets whatever he wants because he is spoilt. He is a determined young man lolol.
Person: *plays a song on the piano*
Joshua: that song is for ugly lonely catlovers

^rude guiis
by Sally Jenson January 23, 2013
(noun) Another name for a pube trimmer.
i need to get the joshua and fix my pubes.

the damn joshua's didn't do a good job. I need to change the battery.
by The Italian Stallion 69 February 07, 2010
A jerk who cheats on any girlfriend he has. He's a player and a lier. He will hurt any girl who tries to get close to him. He will make you fall in love with him then break your heart.
A complete player. Joshua.
by madgirl243587 June 21, 2010
The worst boyfriend in the entire world! Bipolar and a fail at life! Who doesnt know how to treat his girlfriends right and is a huge nympho! 4 feet of pure asshole who blames everything on his girlfriends and starts fights.
Ex girlfriend #1:: did he tell you this?
Ex girlfriend #2:: yeah! He told me that all the time!!!!!!!
Joshua is a huge liar!
by Glitzyraver February 09, 2010
lazy, good kid, lame, funny, a fat head (eats alot), always tired, smart, ib student, works at the amc, has a sister named heather, likes chocolate, game head, shot his eye out with a bb, lots of girls like him, hard headed, grouchy
me: jeez a joshua sounds kinda dangerous....he shot his eye out

her: but he sounds really cool
by mysteria2 June 10, 2009
A person who has a very hard time accomplishing any normal every day activities.
Hey mom, Joshua is drowning in the laundry machine again.
Joshua, are you sane yet?
-Steve: Hey Stan, you better not pull a Joshua again.
-Stan: What?
by Hugh G. Johnson May 31, 2007
its root has said to come from the deep south mostly referring to people who fornicate with barnyard animals, and the like. Cause of is usually because of extremely small penis

A man, dim wit, who chooses the life of complete mediocrity,

A man who refuses to provide for his family
"get that joshua off that cow"

"he wants to be a bricklayer, what a joshua"

"man my family is starving, I am such a joshua"
by reallyawesom MAN February 03, 2010
A small town in Texas, about 45 mintues Southwest of Dallas. The vast majority of the patrons in Joshua are football-obsessed, culturally/politically retarded, mindblowingly-moronic hicks who should be shot
Do you know that one town? Joshua? Yea. It totally sucks.
by soadluvr8 October 18, 2008

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